Isuzu Yamada
Isuzu Yamada
Age 18-19 years
Height 5f 1in
Weight 99 Ibs
Gender Female
Species Human
Partners Metaru Fukku
Affiliation Kanmuro Town, Music Shop
Occupation Assistant in a local Music Shop


Isuzu has brown hair, which reaches her back, purple eyes, always a smile on her face and wears a lot of different clothes.


Isuzu can be a little childinsh sometimes, bu she can also be serious. She is mostly seriouse at work, but often listens to music and dosen't notice the costumers. She works with the Shinigami, who is stationed in Kanmuro Town, Metaru Fukku at the music shop. For some reason, she has seen him when he is outside of his Gigai, which means that she has some Spiritual Energy.


Powers and Abilities

Low Spiritual Energy: Even though she is a human, she has shown to have some Spiritual Energy, but not much.

Great Dancer: She is a very great dancer, and spends most her time dancing and listening to music.


  • Isuzu's name comes from a japanese actress, as well as the birtday.

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