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The Itami family is one of the higher order noble families found within the Seretai. For not being one of the four noble families, the Itami family has a surprising amount of influence in the running of the Soul Society.

Itami Family Crest
Itami Crest
Affiliation Soul Society
Team 13th Division
Previous Team 7th Division, 9th Division
Occupation Noble Family

Kānēshon Itami, Tsutsuji Itami, Kakutasu Itami, Suisen Itami, Suītopī Itami, Amaririsu Itami



Kānēshon Itami / 傷み カーネーション

He had two sons: Tsutsuji, his first, and Kakutasu, his second. He was a very strict leader and would only except the best from both his family and his subordinates. In the thirteen court guard squads, he was able to make it to lieutenant of an unknown division. He eventually died of natural causes.



Tsutsuji Itami / 傷み 躑躅

Tsutsuji Itami was a far more kind head than his predecessor. He believed in order to get the best out of a person you needed to find a balance between discipline and compassion. Tsutsuji was the previous Captain of the 7th Division. While preforming his Captain duties, with his wife and lieutenant, Suisen Itami, they were both attacked a killed by a group of exceptionally powerful Hollows.

Kakutasu Itami / 傷み カクタス




Suisen Itami / 傷み 水仙

Suisen Itami was a very kind-harted woman, always caring for those around her, especially her subordinates. She is herself from a noble family. Suisen was the previous lieutenant for the 7th Division under her husband, Captain Tsutsuji. She and her husband were both killed by Hollows while in the world of the living.

Suītopī Itami / 傷み スイートピー

Amaririsu Itami / 傷み アマリリス

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