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Izanagi Zetsubou
Name Izanagi Zetsubou
Kanji いざなぎぜつぼう
Romanji Zetsubou Izanagi
Race Shinigami
Birthday 27th of April
Age 437 years
Gender Male
Height 6'4 (190cm)
Weight 93kg
Eyes Green
Hair White
Blood Type Unknown

Professional Status
Affiliation Jūsanseiza
Previous Affiliation Seireitei
Occupation Quadrumvirate
Previous Occupation Unknown
Team The Quadrumvirate
Previous Team Unknown
Partner Dōkeshi Fujiwara, Iwanaga Yamatsumi, Idzumo
Previous Partner None
Base of Operations Unknown
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives "Mother": Iwanaga Yamatsumi
Education Shinō Academy
Status Active
Shikai Suzumushi
Bankai Suzumushi Fuketsukaijo: Mujō Shūkaku

Zetsubou Izanagi is a member of the Criminal Organization known as Jūsanseiza, he's also part of the ruling four members, known only as the Quadrumvirate, along with Iwanaga Yamatsumi, Idzumo and Dōkeshi Fujiwara – he's acknowledged as one of the greatest Child Geniuses of Soul Societies history, despite having been erased from all files after his defection, his genius is so great that he finds minimal difficulty in most tasks, and that he can master very advanced techniques in a very short time.

He supposedly defected in order to escape from an execution sentence – the reason he was about to be executed was due to the fact that his Zanpakuto was deemed as too dangerous to exist, and thus it was decreed by the Central 46 that he would face death by the Soukyoku, in order for the power of his Zanpakuto to be effectively sealed. Upon his defection he fought and murdered two Gotei 13 Captains before he managed to escape, proving that he, at the mere age of 170 years was already powerful enough to take on opponents of that calibre.

He's to this day regarded as one of the most powerful enemies of Soul Society, and he's actively searched for.


Izanagi stands at an impressive 6'4 feet in height, his body is fairly slim but yet remains masculine – his skin is noted to be quite tanned which gives him a quite exotic appearance, which is made even more exotic by the very unusual color of his hair, which is deathly white in color.

Izanagi is also noted for his good looks and his somewhat vulnerable appearance which has lead many to compare him to a doll: an image which is only broken by the two claw-like scars whom start at the left side side of his throat and then extend up along his jaw - the scars being inflicted by a scissor in Izanagi's youth when the boy had accidently broken one of his mothers precious dolls, by his mother herself.

His build is well-muscled and athletic like most Shinigami, and he most commonly wears a green flak jacket over a black tank-top, along with blue jeans and dark-brown shoes. His Shinigami form is identical to his normal one, in similarity to the Visored, the only new addition is his Zanpakuto which hangs by a strap from his waist.


Izanagi was deeply scarred in his childhood by his mother, she had a particular fondness for her collection of porcelain dolls, and treated her son no differently – he was treated, not like a human being but rather like an object, something to take down from the shelf once in a while and silently admire, though if it broke, you could always get a new one.

This left the young boy to regard himself similarily, to him, he wasn't a living creature and thus belonged somewhere else, and as such he isolated himself from other children and people as he didn't feel welcome. This went good at first, but then came longing – since he felt misplaced he desperately wanted a place where he too could belong, and this strong wish eventually manifested into his Zanpakuto, Ningyōmada.

Ningyōmada, coupled with his brilliance molded Izanagi into a fatalist, as together those two traits essentially stripped him of a reason for living – he would never have to struggle for anything, long hours of training were irrellevant as he grasped the concept of most techniques with frightening ease, and usually only within a few days, or even just a few hours – animosity eventually lead to self-loathing and then to hatred, not to himself but for anyone whom were unable to be his equal.

In battle, most opponents comment on how effortlessly he fights, his face is one of constant boredom as he never feels any thrill due to the fact that he knows that he will very likely prove victorious, for every enemy whom quiver at his feet he feels no satisfaction, pride or anything remotely similiar, simply.. dissapointment. 



Izanagi grew up in one of the poorest parts of the Rukongai, his mother, a deranged woman who was completely obsessed with her collection of porcelain dolls; to such a tremendous degree that she was incapable of giving the boy the love he craved - and instead, she treated young Izanagi as if he too were a doll - the child, believing that this was indeed how it was supposed to be usually didn't spare this any thought at all.

Despite this though, it became clear to Izanagi that he was somehow different from the rest of the children, when they played with one another, there was usually must laughter, except for he himself whom could not understand why the laughed - this also showed itself when one of the other children got hurt; as its friends would immediately flock around him and her and help make it better - emotions that Izanagi himself could never bring himself to fathom.

Izanagi felt himself becoming gradually more isolated, however much he tried he could never seem to find anything he had in common with the other children - this lead to loneliness, a loneliness only worsened by the fact that his mother didn't seem at all interested in her sons emotional state; and was perfectly content living her life undressing and dressing her dolls, wash them and treat them with all the care that she should have shown towards her child.


By adolescence he had already lost his mother to a band of thugs whom brutally assaulted and killed her for what appeared to be no reason at all - as Izanagi himself had watched in silence, and felt that indeed, he could very much relate to this; that someone had come to kill the person who he himself had so long resented seemed reasonable to him, fair even; when they afterward decided to turn on him though, he became slightly surprised though to him, it didn't matter whatever they did.

When they entered his personal space however; they were abruptly stopped - their faces immediately twisting in an expression of utter and complete terror, they howled, cried and attempted to crawl away from something. While Izanagi himself sat patiently and waited, and observed their reactions with great facination; after a time though, they had stopped moving, and their bodies lay lifeless on the floor their mouths hanging open and frothing, even in death.

He found it abit odd at first; but such situations seemed to occur more and more often; in fact - after he had informed his neighbours of the episode there was several subsequent attacks, all of the encounters ended in precisely the same manner; and at night he could sometimes see a person, draped completely in black sit beside his bed - but when the morning came it was gone. All the while, Izanagi gradually began to feel an escalating pain building in his stomach, a sensation which he had learned was known as hunger.

Defection from Soul Society

These strange happenings quickly came to the attention of the Gotei 13 - whom decided to investigate this little phenomenon; something which, when the Shinigami noticed that the young boy had a Spiritual Power that almost dwarfed that of the current Captain-Commander resulted in the death of a great deal of Shinigami, whom attacked the boy, just to end up just like all the others.

This had little to no repercussions though for some reason, as Izanagi was approached with the offer of becoming a Shinigami nevertheless, which he, remembering the oddly-garbed assailants from before accepted out of curiousty: This was both an effort on the Gotei 13's side to preserve his virtually unprecedented potential as much as it was to keep a close eye on him. But indeed no one could have foreseen what happened when the boy learned the name of his Zanpakuto; Ningyōmada. The happenings were small at first, but then began to happen more and more often - and always at night - children vanished, Shinigami were found dead at regular intervals; killed in the most gruesome of manners, entire portions of Seireitei were effectively erased as if they never had existed in the first place - the entire Gotei 13 were effectively in chaos.

The reason soon became evident, as the young Shinigami graduate had no control over his own Zanpakuto, which reacted by default to let itself be influenced by the boys dreams at night; and thus causing all those horrors, and thus it was decreed that the boy would be executed, due to the danger that his dreams might once lead his Zanpakuto to do something truly catastrophic.


Nothing yet

Powers & Abilities

Child Genius: It was early established that Izanagi was a born genius, as while in the Academy he excelled at everything he did and he sometimes even surprised his teachers by using highly advanced abilities with seemingly no effort whatsoever. He easily graduated at the top of his class in one year and from there on easily became a Lieutenant of a squad at the mere age of sixteen.

Overwhelming Spiritual Power: Izanagi's Spiritual Power is nothing short of devastating, it seems to be attuned to the element of air and just being in his vicinity can be lethal to weaker opponents; the environment physically changes where he treads; as trees, structures rock and dirt are dislodged from the earth and begin to orbit around him in a whirlwind; by singling out an object caught in his Reiatsu Izanagi can throw it out from the whirlwind at such speeds that dodging is usually almost impossible; and with enough force to make something as small as a pebble fit to easily punch a hole trough even the sturdiest of foes and leave a path of utter devastation in its wake long after the actual pebble had disintegrated due to the immense air-friction. Izanagi can also rip adversaries off their feet and brutally rip them apart by causing his Reiatsu to move in many different directions at once, he's capable of doing this to even Captain-level opponents as well, and only those whom possess a very high amount of Spiritual Power themselves are capable of resisting this, even though they are seriously inhibited by the air currents, and their strikes are usually much slower and weaker due to the pressure difference, at the highest peak of his Spiritual Power, it is infused with a large degree of lightning, and it can thus also electrocute opponents in his immediate vicinity, along with with the previously stated effects. While in the human world; and having released a moderate amount of his energy the very ground trembles with every step Izanagi takes and the wind picks up and twisters are summoned seemingly entirely on their own to devastate the sorrounding area - a common identifier of Izanagi's presence is that the air becomes thick and that the wind reaches hurricane-like speeds, randomly destroying structures around him - for this reason Izanagi is sometimes described as a "living hurricane". The climate around him is also visibly affected in that it might get much colder or much warmer depending on where in the world he is - storms and such are not uncommon either; there is usually a warning for people who know him however, and that is in the form of violent lightning storms, tempests and hail and rain; depending on the location itself.

  • Sen no Teno (千の手の, Lit. "Of the Thousand Hands"): Is the name of Izanagi's ability to telepathically manipulate his own Reiatsu in order to essentially "grab" objects and people, and if he so chooses - rip them apart or throw them away at tremendous speeds and with unreal force, it is known that there is a limit to just how many of these "hands" he can use at any one time and it is known that it is much much less than a thousand, and that each action demands a certain number of "hands". He's demonstrated that he's capable of instantly shredding apart several people at once, leaving nothing left but their bloodied bones which he then usually sharpens with the tremendous wind currents and releases at tremendous speeds at a group of opponent; those bones, and any similarily sized objects are known to travel at speeds roughly equaling 2780 mps (meters per second). Which is so fast that even great masters of high-speed movement may find themselves incapable of avoiding in time, depending on the range away from Izanagi.

Formidable Intellect: Izanagi's Intelligence was originally Genius-level upon birth, and upon the awakening of his Zanpakuto it has increased vastly - Izanagi easily grasps even the most advanced of tactics, is prone to indepth observations that may startle even the other Quadrumvirate and can learn most techniques at ridicolously fast speeds without even exerting himself the slightest: His intelligence isn't used to plot and manipulate people however, something which fools people to understimate him intelectually due to his usually rather simple demeanour. His vast intellect is the main reason why he's bored almost all the time, seeing as he never needs to struggle to grasp a technique unless it is incredibly hard, and even then it usually only takes a couple of tries for him to master it anyhow.

  • Incredibly Perceptive Combatant; Izanagi's sense of perception has been honed to such extraordinary lengths that he's capable of analyzing an opponents techniques almost flawlessly after seeing it just once, and if he sees it twice he gains the ability to use it himself, provided it isn't a Zanpakuto ability; for every additional time he sees an ability or technique his skill with using that technique would increase greatly - this perception doesn't only extend to replication however, and his senses are also honed to ther peak to such a degree that he almost seems to possess a mild form of precognition.

Immense Strength: While not nearly as strong as fellow Triumvirate Iwanaga Yamatsumi, Izanagi is still capable of feats of ridicolous strength such as taking an opponent apart with but a single hand, limb after limb, as well as stop high-level spells and effects bare-handed. He's also demonstrated the ability to create powerful shockwaves of pure concussive force simply by "Punching" the air, similarily to another Jūsanseiza member, though by his own admission, his own shockwaves are inferior to the original though its worth noting that he doesn't expend Spiritual Power while using them.

Immense Speed: Rather than to make use of Shunpo or another high-speed movement technique. Izanagi's speed is completely natural and while using it he simply seems to fade away and reappear – he doesn't blurr, but simply evaporates into the air, and it doesn't make much sound either, except for a soft "woosh" – the speed is so great that it might appear almost like a form of teleportation rather than high-speed movement and due to it being natural he's capable of using it without tiring, while his speed is incredible – it is estimated to not be beyond the reach of Shinigami as he's noted as being just as fast as Soifon.

  • Air Enhanced Speed: By making use of his mastery of air manipulation Izanagi can propel himself at truly vast levels of speed; the air pressure of which are so great that the sorrounding environment are brutally affected - as once Izanagi departs he leaves behind a localized burst of compressed force which can repel and harm opponents and allies alike, destroy structures and repel or otherwise deflect attacks.

Immense Endurance: Due to the incredible amount of Spirtual Energy he has at his disposal Izanagi is capable of fighting at peak-strength for extended amounts of time and seemingly not weaken the slightest – he is also capable of withstanding great amounts of pain though its a very rare sensation for him to feel, his endurance is proven due to the fact that he as a young Shinigami was capable of outmatching and subsequently killing two Captains before he left Soul Society roughly 230 years ago.

  • Air Puppetry: If Izanagi is harmed to the degree that he cannot move his limbs trough normal means he can use his manipulation of air to telepathically move his body with the aid of subtle but potent wind currents; this skill is perfected to the degree that he can move as effectively as he always does under its effects.

Immense Durability: Due to the sheer potency and almost unfathomable volume of his Spiritual Power – Izanagi is very hard to actually injure, and when he is, the damage is usually very superficial. His durability is so great that he's only fazed by some of the most powerful attacks, and most opponents simply surrender after seeing their attacks peel off of him like nothing, and opponents whom have Great Spiritual Power or less may find themselves almost completely unable to scratch him, with even repeated assaults proving fruitless except for damaging his clothing.

  • Wind Wall: By manipulating the molecules in the air, Izanagi is capable of conjuring a nigh-impenetrable spherical barrier of high-velocity air which can also serves to repel opponents whom come to close to him with crushing force. Due to its nature it is capable of deflecting all attacks almost effortlessly; though attacks who are unaffected by air can break trough.

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Izanagi is incredibly proficient with Zanjutsu, and it is known to be his preferred method of combat – his skills coupled with his immense strength allows him to ravage the battlefield utterly and without any effort whatsoever, usually ripping the very earth asunder by the force of his swings, leaving long scars in the earth as he so does. In fact, it'd appear that the very environment and landscape around him seems to follow the arc of his Zanpakuto perfectly; almost like if he was using the environment itself as a weapon; with the force of a single swing he's been known to upturn earth and dirt as well as summon sonicbooms of force whom are capable of repelling those who are unworthy of fighting him.

  • Cutting Currents: Izanagi can use the currents of air produced by his mighty swings for several useful purposes by telepathically seizing and controling them; the most common application is to cause the air current to viciously expand and to travel in arcs over large distances - these currents are different from wind blades in that they are not connected at all and thus they're unblockable by the means of parrying as when one parries it leaves them wide open for the rest of the currents: The currents follows the movements of Izanagi's sword perfectly and the attacks can thus be predicted despite the currents themselves being visible as simple vibrations in the air, the air currents take the form of countless small molecyle-sized air daggers which then coalesce into a vast number of wind blades - the range of the wind waves are approximately 100 meters each: The power and the speed these waves travel at makes them capable of deflecting most attacks.
  • 360 Degrees: Izanagi alternatively choose to guide the air currents of his blade around his own axis in a circumference; anything within this circle will be assaulted by the full force of Izanagi's original blow which most likely transelates to instantenous bisection; the attack is always horizontal though and thus being higher up in the air than Izanagi himself will make oneself unaffected: Due to the force of the swing and the air pressure that naturally follows this also seems to work in deflecting projectiles and ranged techniques - its range is approximately 50 meters in a circle.

Kidō Master: Izanagi is known to be very capable in the art of Demon Magic, having been thought by his dearest "Mother" in its usage, who is an entity well-known for her mastery of the art although Izanagi doesn't come close to her level of skill, he is still capable enough to cast spells of the highest level, legal and forbidden ones with hardly any trouble at all - though that is likely due to his borderline absurd levels of Spiritual Energy.

  • Vacuum Sphere: By drawing upon his air manipulation into order to create an immense suction force, Izanagi can absorb attacks, techniques and such who make use of energy and contain them in a spherically-shaped vacuum pocket before then to release the total accumulated forces in a blast highly reminescent of a shockwave; whose range and power depend entirely on the power it has accumulated in the vacuum pocket.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: The only thing that he isn't a master at is Hakuda, this is due to his disinterest in the field as well as desire to be only adept at something, as opposed to being exceptional which he is in most fields, for this reason his Hand-to-hand abilities are deliberately made lacking and he probably makes several deliberate openings and mistakes and makes no real effort of bettering himself in any way, but despite him deliberately trying to remain an amateur his Genius simply won't allow it much to his chagrin and he's concidered an Expert in the field nevertheless.


Due to the nature of his Reiryoku, Izanagi can freely manipulate and generate air and lightning for a variety of purposes, wether offensive or otherwise - he can also combine these skills in order to summon forth violent storms. Izanagi, or other members of the organization have given some of the abilities names. Each of these effects does however consume a portion of his Reiryoku and can thus not be used indefinately: Izanagi has also demonstrated the ability to by freezing air particles even use frost-related techniques, making his air manipulation highly versatile.

Oxygen Manipulation: Izanagi can by his extensive manipulation of air in order to seize control of the ambient levels of oxygen in order to perform a variety of techniques, Izanagi can use this in order to create a localized zone where Oxygen is repulsed by the air molecules and thus prevent an opponent from inhaling air, or use any form of attack which requires a verbal command as well as instantly neutralizing any fire spell or technique that comes within the reach of the zone; the area affected remains stationary and cannot be moved around once established, Izanagi can create two of these under normal circumstances but only one in battle-situations.

  • Fire Effects: By casting a fire spell or using a similiar effect in the presence of a set amount of clotted Oxygen Izanagi can effectively cause huge localized explosions to erupt at the targetted point; the force of which can shook an entire town if the "bomb" is powerful enough - similarily Izanagi has the ability to drastically increase the power of any fire spell or technique in his vicinity, or if he desires to, vice versa.
  • Artificial Pyrokinesis: Izanagi is capable of heating air to great degrees rather simply, and this, combined with his ability to generate and control oxygen allows him to spontaneously combust and ignite the air in front of him for many offensive uses; he prefers however to create small localized explosions by flash-heating the air in a small place - the force of the explosions varying depending on how much effort and heat he puts into the explosions - the wind pressure the blasts create however allow Izanagi to use his general air manipulation to greater extents.

Lightning Generation: By manipulating the particles in the air around his person - Izanagi can create an artificial source of lightning around himself which he can direct at any opponent in his line of sight; the lightning bolts are very powerful but their speed is however much below that of actual lightning as expected from something created wholly artificially: Despite this however, they travel at great speeds nonetheless and can easily catch masters of various movement techniques off-guard at first. Izanagi can also use this artificial lightning in order to create a form of electric barrier around his person so as to deflect attacks directed upon him, albeit this can potentially use up an excessive amount of energy as the shield sustains itself by Izanagi's own energies and thus subtracts an amount proportionate to the power of the attack itself from his resserves.

Ice Blocks: By causing the air in a given area to spontaneously freeze and by that allow him to materialize large chunks of solid ice in empty air, usually at rather large sizes - keeping them up with his air abilities before he causes them to be released at great speeds towards a given area; thus creating a massive force of impact fit to crush anything unfortunate enough to be caught underneath it, as well as inflict great collateral damage on the sorrounding area.

Freezing Breath: By transmuting the breath he exhales into absolute zero temperature he can breathe a cone of freezing cold from his mouth; being fit to freeze in place, or at least severely chill opponents whom come in contact with the attack: It is however only effective at short ranges, which only really makes it useful as a surprise attack.

Twisters: Izanagi has found out, that by manifesting a portion of his Reiryoku at a location within a maximum of three kilometre in any direction he can summon forth miniature tornadoes which he can telepathically control as long as they stay within the boundaries of his presence, any Twister whom moves outside of that three kilometre radius will gradually disperse themselves after a one to two minutes depending on their size, if they re-enter the boundaries however he can continue to maintain them; He's capable of controling up to five of these Twisters at once if he's undisturbed, if he is engaged in a battle he can only maintain three of them.

Tornadoes: Much in the same manner as he creates and manipulates the twisters; Izanagi is capable of materializing Tornadoes within a three kilometre boundary in any direction; these giant whirlwinds are capable of doing incredible harm to the sorrounding environments, wipe out entire towns and forests and they can maintain themselves for as much as five minutes even after crossing the boundaries. He can manipulate two at once, with great strain - and he's barely capable of creating one if he's engaged in a battle.

Summon Storms: Trough extreme force of will and deep meditation Izanagi is capable of altering the density in the air, and telepathically move clouds in order to create and manipulate localized storms in an area of his choosing. These storms are known to be very devastating and can ravage entire cities with hurricane-like winds and bolts of lightning - moreover Izanagi is capable of focusing these effects on smaller targets such as a group of opposing Shinigami, for instance - and by limiting it in such an area increase the power of the winds, and the lightning bolts by an incredible margin, and a single well-placed gust of wind or lightning bolt is usually enough to kill even the most powerful of opponents or if not, severely harm them: The main weakness of this technique is the fact that Izanagi must remain in deep meditation while utilizing this technique and thus remain stationary, with no defense except for his Reiatsu, which is weakened greatly in power as well - allowing an opponent of some stealth to sneak up and disturb his concentration, thus causing the storm to evaporate over time trough natural means, and likely inflict a good deal of damage to boot, as his durability suffers in proportion to the reduction of his Reiatsu. For these reasons, Izanagi very rarely uses this when he's alone and almost exlusively uses it when he's among other members of the Jūsanseiza, enabling him to use them to cover his back against sneak attacks.

Unusual Abilities

Due to the influence of his Zanpakutō, Ningyōmada; Izanagi has developed several abilities whom are concidered unique to him, though it is possible that others may have similiar abilities: These abilities enable him to do several things that are largely unheard of anywhere else.

Habetsubetsuni (ハ別々に, Japanese for "Tear Apart"): An ability granted to Izanagi for the sole purpose of overcoming illusions, while Izanagi is naturally resistant to Illusions due to his advanced intellect this ability allows him to overcome the most powerful of illusions quite easily; the ability itself is initiated by Izanagi clawing at the air directly in front of him - if he is currently under the effect of an illusion, no matter how and where the illusion is located - it'll be effectively dispelled by this, and in addition, the rupture in the flow of Spiritual energy around him is disturbed to the degree that the opponent must commonly wait five minutes before an illusion would be effective against him again. The technique has several drawbacks though, in that it is set-in-stone in such a way that it can only be used for that single thing, also, it uses up alot of energy, which prompts Izanagi to only use it when he deems it nessecary, which means that if the Illusion is crafty and elaborate enough, it is possible for the opponent to keep him fooled constantly.

Kyohi (拒否, "Rejection"): Izanagi was also given an ability by Ningyōmada which serves to allow him to "reject" a single specific effect from opponent - and this rejected effect cannot affect more than a single aspect, which is chosen by Izanagi, he can however only "reject" a single ability per person in his vicinity: this ability can be of any nature except for being purely physical, something which prevents it from negating Zanjutsu or Hakuda techniques: Izanagi uses this by verbally announcing which aspect of a given ability that he wants to remove, and also reciting the type of ability involved - which means that this won't work unless he knows about the skill used.

Mugen (夢幻, "Visions"): Izanagi can enter and control the dreams of others trough a form of empathic link with their subconcious, a link which must be established before Izanagi can use these abilities of his, a link most commonly forged trough battling the victim, while Izanagi enters the dreams of others he doesn't do so physically, as that would be far too dangerous: With this ability Izanagi can subtly manipulate a victim, inflict nightmares and convey messages.

Secondary Zanpakuto

Suzumushi (清虫, Cricket): In its sealed state, Suzumushi looks like a regular katana. The tsuba is in a tear-drop shape, with the base of the drop arcing over the top of the blade, and the point of the drop pointing below the cutting edge. A row of several tiny tear-drop shaped holes decorates the bottom of the curve, and a small ring, approximately 2" in diameter, dangles off the tip of the tear-drop. Overall, the appearance of Izanagi's Suzumushi is identical to the original.


Suzumushi's Appearance

Shikai: Unlike most Zanpakutō, Suzumushi has several Shikai commands, each producing a unique automatic effect. Izanagi's Suzumushi is unique in that as it isn't bound to him it can be used by anyone whom manages to get their hands on it.

Shikai Special Ability: Suzumushi maintains its form of a regular katana. Suzumushi's release command is "Cry" (鳴け, nake), which has the automatic effect of projecting a high-pitched tone over a wide area, overloading the hearing of anyone in range and knocking them unconscious. The ring tone is produced by the vibration of Suzumushi, which can also be used to free the blade from restriction such as the chains of Kazeshini; it is also capable of producing an unique tune that works as the key to Ninjyoumadajou. The headquarters of the Jūsanseiza organization.

General Enhancements: Ningyōmada's version of Suzumushi doesn't only work slightly differently than the original it also offers great boosts to Izanagi's physical capabilities.

  • Ferociously Increased Spiritual Power: Izanagi's levels of Spiritual Power are increased to truly unaccountable heights while in the Shikai state of his Zanpakuto; it doesn't appear to have the restrictive energy it had in its first incarnation however, although he can still use his "Thousand Hands" if he wants to do so, and its reach is now much greater as well as the number of people he can hold at once: The wind property of his Reiatsu is taken to catastrophic degrees and tornadoes, twisters and storms seem to be procured seemingly at random and noteably without Izanagi's consent nor does it expend his energy in any way - the answer being that latters energy simply upsets the balance of the worlds that much, so as to cause natural disasters.</li>

Sound Based Abilities: Suzumushi gives Izanagi several sound-based abilities revolving on the current "Movement" he's using, all of them producing a different effect, most of them, if not all are offensive in nature, each of them, except for one has to be activated by the verbal command "Cry" (鳴け, nake) however.

  • Suzumushi Initiation: Projects a high-pitched tone over a wide area, overloading the hearing of anyone in range and knocking them unconscious, this also counts as the target being "asleep" allowing Izanagi to use Ningyōmada's abilities even if the opponent is immune to that Zanpakuto's sleep-inducing effects. The same tune has a very unique frequency which works as the key to Ningyoumadajou, though its unknown at this point how exactly that works.
  • Suzumushi Nishiki: Benihikō: The sound the blades produce when they move together produces several sharp tunes that disturbs the cognitive abilities of the brain, this makes the blades seemingly multiply endlessly and the subject soon becomes unable to distinquish the real blades from the imagined ones, and are thus prone to fall prey to them should they attempt an attack.
  • Suzumushi Sanshiki: Kamakiri: The only sound-based ability which is automatic, and doesn't require Izanagi to speak the release command, it is however a short-range attack and it can only be heard if the blade-arms are close to, or are currently grasping at the opponent: The sound is that of a very intense hissing sound that attacks the inner ear of the opponent, thus causing acute nausea, intense agony, vertigo and disorientation. This ability makes Kamakiri ideal for torture as it brings both physical and mental agony upon the subject, and most people can only handle it for a few moments.
  • Suzumushi Yonshiki: Aburamushi: No sound effect at all.
  • Suzumushi Gonshiki: Kirigirisu: Unlike the other sound effects, the sound that Kirigirisu creates actually disturbs the ear itself, something which causes all sound to be delayed considerably; this makes it so that most people become unable to defend themselves against some of Izanagi's more stealthy attacks.

Blade-Based Abilities: Suzumushi gains several "Movements" which Izanagi can make use of for a variety of powerful effects, each of these also have their own unique sound-frequency which is further described above. The Blade-based abilities are listed below.

  • Suzumushi Nishiki: Benihikō (清虫二式紅飛蝗, Cricket Second Movement: Crimson Flying Locusts): Suzumushi's technique which changes Suzumushi into its Benihikō form. Suzumushi vibrates momentarily and, after Izanagi moves the blade around him in a circle, a trail appears from the sword's path. The trail turns into exactly thirty-four blades that dances around his person, working as defense and offense at the very same time, the sound of the dancing blades intervening with one another at high frequency is reminescent of that of a swarm of locusts.
  • Suzumushi Sanshiki: Kamakiri (清虫三式カマキリ, Cricket Third Movement: Praying Mantis): A direct upgrade of Benihikō, it is initiated in much the same manner as Benehikō only that this time the trail only form into eighteen blades, as opposed to thirty-four, these blades then begin to dance about him like Benihikō, only that when an opponent gets close, the blades will shape into disembodied three-jointed spiked arms, reminescent of the spiked forelegs of a praying mantis – these can extend quite far, approximately five meters in any direction. These will atempt to restrain an opponent in the same manner that a mantis restrains its prey, once the hold is successfully established it is almost impossible to free oneself from, and thus the opponent is left helpless, and in great agony, allowing Izanagi to finish him or her off at his leisure, or simply take them hostage. The fact that each of these appendages are formed by three separate blades means that it is capable of restraining up to six individuals at once, its also worthy of note that the "appendages" can work purely offensively as well, shredding an opponent to pieces with continous assault.
  • Suzumushi Yonshiki: Aburamushi (清虫四式油虫, Cricket Fourth Movement: Cockroach): A technique which instead of summoning the blades to sorround Izanagi like Benihikōtakes a different approach altogether and causes them to fuse with his body, and changing his skin tone to a steelish color; while like this, Izanagi gets both a great boost to his physical strength and his durability, essentially making this a very useful technique.
  • Suzumushi Gonshiki: Kirigirisu (清虫五式螽斯, Cricket Fifth Movement: Katydid): A technique that works differently from the rest of the techniques in that its abilities aren't blade-related, but instead emanate from one: Izanagi is capable of making Suzumushi play a "song" which causes opponents to ignore his presence by disrupting the cognitive senses in such a manner as to make Izanagi appear completely invisible while he's standing still.
  • Suzumushi Rokushiki: Hasamimushi (清虫六式ハサミムシ, "Cricket Sixth Movement; Earwig"): Izanagi initiates this technique by pointing Suzumushi at the intended target of this technique ---this causes Suzumushi to create roughly sixty blades which then begins to whirl around their own axis as they take form of a pillar of whirling blades that possesses a will of its own and it will relentlessly hunt down the target of the technique, ignoring everything and everyone else - the blade construct is also incredibly fast and it can easily outrun most experts and keep on equal footing with those of a master rank; this ability can be used repetively provided that the wielder has sufficient energy; these blade constructs are also noted as being highly difficult to fight against as being disembodied and semi-incorporeal, they're immune to most forms of attacks.
  • Suzumushi Shichishiki: Hataori (清虫七式機織り, "Cricket Seventh Movement: Weaver"):

Initial Bankai Release

Izanagi's first Bankai release, while very powerful doesn't have the power needed to accomplish Izanagi's goals and it is largely only used as a means of easily destroying large settlements and armies of weaker opponents quickly - it is also the means of which Ningyōmada devours aware humans in order to supplement its great powers.

Suzumushi Fuketsukaijo: Mujō Shūkaku (清虫不潔解除無情収穫, Lit: "Cricket Impure Release: Ruthless Harvest"): Izanagi initiates his Bankai by pointing Suzumushi's blade towards the ground and then stabbing it straight down into the floor - before then to proceed to twist the blade 45 degrees counter-clockwise; as if he unlocked a door, the space around the blade then changes into a large black portal of swirling torrents, a diabolic creature then begins to climb out of the portal, the creature has jet black scale-like skin, four deformed arms whom all end in a gnarled claw and as well as four human-like legs jutting out from its torso; its body seems to be a blackened version of Izanagi's own - the final detail is the large scorpion-like tail which sways behind it, ending in a thick and sharp blade - the creature looks like something taken straight out of a Nightmare

Bankai Special Ability: Izanagi's Bankai opens the door to Izanagi's Inner World and makes Izanagi swap places with the Zanpakutō Spirit of Ningyōmada; the spirit has a great assortment of unique abilities and is incredible powerful besides that.

  • Nightmarish Spiritual Power: Ningyōmada's Reiatsu, while absolutely enormous doesn't have the same traits that Izanagi's has - instead, its Reiatsu works in such a manner as to make everyone within its vicinity fall into a Nightmare with a set scenario - namely the slaughter of their loved ones at Ningyōmada's hand - this is done in such a manner as to be completely realistic for the opponent, even to such extents that if the loved ones are outside of Ningyōmada's logical reach they won't be shown; this Nightmare is permanent until Ningyōmada is forced back onto Izanagi's Inner World - the Nightmare has several purposes, the most obvious is excalating mental trauma, but it also works by inducing negative emotions such as rage, anguish, sorrow and hate - which it draws excessive power from: Finally, it is to set the stage for when the Bankai runs out and it is forced back into its Inner World.
  • Visage of Escalating Emotions: Anyone whom looks upon Ningyōmada directly will have their emotions escalate at a very fast rate; grudges turn to hatred, lust into unrestricted desire, care into boundless infatuation; this also holds true to positive emotions - but those are twisted beyond comprehension into negative vesions of themselves.
  • Siphon Emotions: Ningyōmada has the ability to siphon energy of all negative emotions from any creature, Spiritual or living whom are within five-houndred meters of it in any direction - it siphons more energy depending on how powerful the negative emotions are, and due to its own ability to increase negative emotions and twist positive ones this easily gives it vast amounts of power in a very short time.
  • Escalating Strength: Depending on how much negative energy it siphons Ningyōmada can become impossibly strong, if there are little emotions to siphon however it retains a much lower level of strength, albeit even that may be overwhelming - at its absolute peak it can cause wide-spread destruction with its strength alone.
  • Escalating Speed: Depending on how much negative energy it siphons Ningyōmada can become immensely fast - so fast in fact that it at its absolute peak would surpass the Goddess of the Flash herself and move so quickly as to almost be teleporting; once again, if there are little emotions to siphon it will retain a more managable mobility, although on that level it can be incredibly fast still.
  • Escalating Durability: Like the two previous notes, Ningyōmada's durability level is directly tied to how much negative energy it can siphon from its enemies as it engages in combat - and the durability at its peak can render it almost invulnerable whatsoever; though if it has little to siphon from it will become substantially less sturdy.
  • High-Speed Regeneration: Ningyōmada possess the ability to regenerate any part of its body at almost instantenous speeds; it can regenerate any body-part excluding its original torso and head, which is its only weak points.
  • Absurd Body-Parts: Ningyōmada's body behaves in completely absurd manners, such as relocating its vital points to any part of its body and to shape its body parts into any form of weaponry imaginable - most commonly into blades and cleavers, but also into a completely separate body altogether which doesn't possess its weak points - this allows Ningyōmada to attack from virtually any angle, place elaborate traps for opponents while seemingly doing nothing at all, it can even move its vitals to one of these bodies at will, making Ningyōmada very hard to kill - all of the re-created body-parts possess the same amount of strength, speed and durability as the main-body.
  • Negative Blast: By drawing upon the negative energies of its enemies' erratic and uncontrollable emotions, Ningyōmada can project a massive blast of maroon-colored energy which can, depending on how much negative energy it has accumulated easily obliderate a town: Against single opponents, there are indeed little hope for surrival if they cannot dodge the attack, as the overwhelming amount of power easily overload next to all defenses within miliseconds.
  • Dream to Reality: Ningyōmada's most dangerous ability is its ability to rewrite its nightmares as reality in order to effectively cause what happened in the nightmares to actually occur; this means that when it uses this ability everyone who were included in the nightmares of a given person shall suffer the same damages - this even extends to death: Ningyōmada can however not use this ability whenever it desires to, and it is limited to once per release, namely at the point where the Bankai runs out of time, which is approximately thirty minutes after its original release.

Second Bankai Release

A rarely used Bankai release which instead of focusing on the spirit of Izanagi's Zanpakuto proceeds to endow Izanagi with much greater power and abilities, and while its powers have yet to be shown in full detail its abilities are speculated of revolving around Quintessence.

Suzumushi Fuketsukaijo: Shinzui (清虫不潔解除真髄, "Cricket Impure Release: True Meaning"): Not yet revealed.

Original Zanpakuto

Ningyōmada (まだ人形, Japanese for Still Doll): Izanagi's Zanpakutō takes the for
307px-Akako&#039;s Zanpakuto

Ningyomada's Appearance

m of a regular katana with a pitch-black handle, only decorated by a line of white figures that run along the length of the handle. The tsuba is shaped like two separate circles, that entwine together in a chestnut-like formation. The blade is long and flawless and the sheath is colored blood red, a maroon rope is also wrapped around the sheath, which is likely meant to be attached to the sash of an Hakama - it looks quite ordinary, heavily contrasting to its grandeur abilities.

Special Ability: Ningyōmada's power is to manipulate and reweave reality to fit into Izanagi's image; and it literally forces reality to bend after Izanagi's subconciousness and inner desires; this grants it many of the same properties and abilities as that of the Hōgyoku, although its powers are likely beyond even that. Ningyōmada thus has the power to make any dream or wish of Izanagi into reality as it forces the world to revolve around him and him alone ---this causes the world to creak and begin to rip at the seams when Ningyōmada is released as it constantly forces reality to adapt and rewrite itself in accordance to Izanagi himself ---this culminates in a long domino effect of misfortunes and troubles for everyone involved with the threads changed or altered; the misfortunes may vary from trivialities to tragedies or even disasters.

Ningyōmada is known to be a completely sentient Zanpakuto and when released it constantly attembs to work upon the desires of Izanagi; if it in its released state encounters any unnessecary elements it reaches out and cuts away them from the weave of reality, thereby erasing their existance completely; for every thread it "cuts" in this manner it causes reality to shrink and chaos and disturbance naturally follows as the balance and harmony that is reality is so abruptly changed; whatever Ningyōmada does carries severe consequences and people are forced to react accordingly ---everything it does also extends in ripples to those related to what is being manipulated changed or even erased - these ripples can change people, harm them or as they usually do - alter probabilities and culminate in irrevocable disasters and catastrophes.

Ningyōmada's very existence upsets the balance of order and chaos, which was what prompted Soul Society to want to kill Izanagi and have it sealed away ---around that time Soul Societies greatest minds concluded that Ningyōmada would likely bring about "collapses" of reality if its powers were allowed to remain unchecked - these collapses would likely bring about tremendous tragedies and in particular did they fear that it could destroy the boundaries that separated the worlds, essentially bringing about apocalypse. Ningyoumadajou ('まだ人形ジョウ, Japanese for Still Doll Castle): A gigantic castle, made in Japanese style that resides somewhere within Izanagi's subconcious, and is made into a real realm by Ningyōmada – it currently works as the primary headquarters of the Jūsanseiza, the castle doesn't need defensive-mechanisms due to the fact that it is within Izanagi's dream, and thus he retains control over everything that happens within. The corridors of the castle, as well as the public places have dozens of porcelain dolls in them, and he is capable of seeing everything that they see.

Power Manipulation: Its been speculated that Ningyōmada is capable of letting Izanagi "Choose" just how powerful he is at any given time – something which is supported by the fact that he is outrageously powerful compared to his age, this is made even more incredible by the fact that he's on par with Iwanaga, whom is several milleniums his senior. Though he himself doesn't appear to be aware of this fact though and the other Triumvirate likely has no intentions of ever telling him about it.


  • Suzumushi's original abilities are all names after insects from the Grasshopper-family. Sticking true to its theme.