Notes From The Author: This Fan Fiction occurs after Orihime is rescued from Hueco Mundo and occurs in the manga universe (aka -- no bount). As well, Moon Legacy does not include a definite winter war therefore the events that will lead up to the eventual climactic war with Aizen can take as long as I want/need to. I very much welcome any type of comment/criticism I just ask that, if applicable, have an alternative suggestion (I find it very annoying when people say, "that's wrong," but nothing else). This is my first time actually witting my story out so I hope you like it and I will try to consistently update it. Also, it may seem slow at the start but I like to set up the scene not just in character profiles but as well in the story itself. Once it gets going it is much better. HAPPY READING!!!! -- Haruko-chan o^-^o


“Come on!” came the voice of a little girl. “Hey, wait up!” shouted a voice, that of a young boy, in response. From amongst a grove of trees, a blond, pig-tailed girl came out running and laughing. Following after her, through the bushes, an orange haired boy emerged. The pair of them continued to run across the orange lit meadow, in the afterglow of the setting sun. “Ah, don’t slow down now! Please, just for a little bit longer!” she giggled, looking over her shoulder with her rosy checks aglow. The boy smiled back, his checks reddening as well, “Okay then!” Even though they knew that they only had an hour left before they had to go home, to the two of them, this moment could have lasted for eternity. As the sky gave way to dusk and to an emerging moon, the boy and the girl wished to that they could live in this moment for the rest of their lives …

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CHAPTER ONE: Seibu Kaze--Western Wind

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