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Jiro-sama, also known as Shingen-dono, is the Cuarto Fuego (Fourth Fire) El Elemento (The Element) in Rayanone Michihofo's Arrancar Army.


Jiro, along with Saburo, during life was a daimyo of feudal japan. It is unknown how exactly they died, but it is known that he was corrupt and as such eventually fought the "good daimyo" and died during the fight. Whether Saburo killed him of if he died some other way is still up for debate. He and Saburo fought continuous battles and became Vasto Lordes after time. They joined Michihofo recently, but like the rest of the El Elemento, his past has not been revealed. His most likely will when Saburo's is, because Jiro-sama was killed by Leogal Gallinilane. He was the only El Elemento to fight so far.


His zanpakuto is acero (Spanish for "steel"). In its sealed state, it becomes many swords.


Harden, Acero

  • Resurrección: Its released command is harden. When he releases it, he turns into a knight with a dragon behind him.
Resurrección Special Ability:

Nobody really knows what he can do in this form.

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