Kagayaki Chikara (literally Radiance Force) is the 1st Seat of the Yonhoshifuu Sentai. He has spiky red blonde hair and heavy blue eyes. He is about 5'6" and stands up straight. He is about 120 years old (about 20 in the Real World).


Kagayaki is cruel and somewhat sadistic. He has a pitiful outlook on others besides Ikihan and Kurokane, who are his two best teammates. He enjoy's battle and loves drawing blood. When blood is drawn in a fight, he goes on a crazed rampage and is an unstoppable fighting machine.


Kagayaki was born in the 49th District of Rukongai, also called Nanpou Sue. He grew up in a small hut, with only his mother. He made a living, fighting for the pleasure of others. He gathered his skills and entered the Shingami Academy. He soon entered the 11th Squad and eventually the Yonhoshifuu Sentai.


Retsuomote (literally Cold Front) is a Ice type zanpakuto. It has a light blue blade with a dark blue handle. The release phrase is "Tou za Katedoraru" (lit. Freeze the Cathedral).

Shikai- In Shikai, Retsuomote becomes a katana with a white blade and a all blue handle. The blade becomes longer and the user is surronded by a blue light.

Shikai Abilities- In Shikai, Retsuomote can release a light blue vapor that can freeze the water in the body. The user can also release blasts of light blue light that can do serious damage.

Bankai- Not yet achieved


  • Kagayaki is similar in ways to Ikkaku Madarame


  • "B- Bl- BLOOD!"
  • "Tou za Katedoraru"

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