Kamui (lit. God's Majesty) is the Zanpakutou of Keiji it is a Kido-Type and Fire-Type Zanpukto.

Sealed State

The sealed state is that of a long katana with a baby blue and white hilt. The tsuba is somewhat shaped like a fox


The release command is actually a short poem "The water flows down the creek the fox plays in the fields, those who they bow to are our and their king".

Shikia Special Ability

Nothing has been seen yet though others have commented it to be a mighty Zanpakutō that only Keiji is deserving of. It's speculated that it has fire abilities.


Not yet revealed however it is vaguely commented on that it takes the form of a large blue fox god.

Zanpukto Spirit

Takes the form of a flaming blue fox god.

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