[edit] Background Kanji's background is unknown to her and her "sisters" (The Marionettes). Kanji's memory  is quite horrible and she constantly forgets things however there are a few things she will never forget dreams of a man and a women, a burnt down church, and blood.[edit] Personality Her personality is that of a typical bored teenager. She hardly pays any attention to anything uninteresting. However, if you manage to piss her off (very difficult) she will not hesitate to literally cut you in half.[edit] Appearance Kanji has long blonde hair that nearly reaches the ground. She usually wears a short black dress with white lace under it, black thigh highs, and dark brown boots.

Not Revealed.

Kanji's Zanpakutou is

Kanji is one of the UNlucky ones with a permanently unsealed zanpakuto.http://


Kanji is and extraordinary swordswoman, its a shame she can't remeber why...

Hand-to-Hand Combat Master: Kanji is also skillful at hand to hand combat but she likes sword fighting morre.

Kido User: She is average at kido, she finds it boring.

Unknown level of skill.

Unknown she constanly keeps it hidden unless angered.

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