On a mission for recconiasance and surveillance, Juuji Awaisaishi scopes out the area of Karakura Town. As he is watching humans playing basketball, he feels a great presence. Suddenly a garganta opens in the sky and a Menos Prematuro emerges.

Standing infront of Juuji, this reptile like Prematuro Gillan let out a howl. "Kido #4: Byakurai!" he called firing a bolt of white lightning at the Hollow. He then used Flash Step to get behind the Hollow. As he went in too strike, it kicked back striking him in the stomach. Juuji fell to one knee and grabbed his stomach. Suddenly the Gillian turned and glared at him. He knew it was to late to react and he saw the Hollow got to strike. He waited for the hit but felt nothing. Juuji glanced up to see a young boy with a mask on and his sword through the Prematuro Gillians head. "You must be careful..." said the boy pulling the sword from his head and kicking the corpse. "He had a strong-ass jaw so.... Crunchbite will do" said the boy scribbling into a notebook. "Excuse me, but who are you" asked Juuji standing up. The boy looked towards Juuji and quickly closed his book and put it away. He touched his mask and slid his finger across it causing it to disappear. "My name is Pietro LaSasso." Pietro said with a smirk. Suddenly Juuji swung down at Pietro causing him to flip back. "Whats your problem!?!?" he called angirly. "I saw you use that Hollow Maks.... we were told if we came in contact with one like you to attack on sight." Juuji exclaimed fiercly. The two jumped back and readied themselves. From nowhere, Pietro drew his katana and Juuji steadily took a stance. He quickly jumped at Pietro who blocked the attack with his hand. He pushed it back and sliced towards Juuji cutting into his hyori. "Cero" called Pietro firing the blue Cero from his hand. It shot into Juuji's chest causing him to roll back. "Damn it!" thought Juuji holding out his sword. "Seizen! Hana Yakuin" called Juuji as it took the form of a long black staff wrapped in what appeared to be a grape vine. "Interesting" said Pietro as he held out his blade. "Rokotsu! Sanme" he called as his headband changed in design. He positioned his hands to the eye and called out "Buraindo Hikaru". He blinded Juuji and quickly reacted by clapping his hands together. From the eye a blast of light shot out and struck into Juuji. "So... control over light" mumbled wiping his eyes.

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