Karen Togi
Age Unknown
Birthdate August 10th
Height 4ft 11in
Weight Unknown
Gender Female
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Soul Society
Team 4th Division
Occupation Unseated Officer of the 4th Division


Short purple hair, brown eyes, the standard Shinigami uniform and her Zanpakuto on her left side.


Karen is very nice to people and is scared by the members of the 11th Division. She is not very suited for battle, and uses her Zanpakuto rather to heal than hurt people and therefor has low battle experience.


Powers and Abilities

Healing Ability: She has a small healing ability when is not using her zanpakuto.

Swordsmanship: She is rarely sent into combat and has very low battle experience. Her swordsmanship is rather weak.

Kido User: When she is sent into combat, she sends Kido spells from a safe distance.



Shirinji in Shikai

Karen's zanpakuto is named Shirinji(注射器, Syringe). It's release command is "Inject"

Shikai: It turns her sword into a big syringe, containing green liquid.

Shikai Special Abilities: With her Zanpakuto in Shikai, she can easily heal deep wounds. It can not be used to hurt people in combat.

Bankai: Not yet achieved


  • She trains alot to be able to learn another move for her Zanpakuto.
  • She hates vegetables

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