Karen Usagitou (lit. Cute Bunny Child) is a Female Shinigami who is part of an unknown division.

Karen Usagitou
Age Unknown
Birthdate February 9th
Height 3ft 9in
Weight 79 pounds
Gender Female
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Soul Society
Team Unknown
Occupation Seated Officer


Karen appears to be a 4 year old girl with long pink hair that is worn down and covers one eye. She wears a standard black hakama and a pink shall over it with a star on the back. She carries her Zanpakuto on her back.


...Like a 4 year olds, but a little more sofisticated


As a human, Karen was born and diagnosed with a deadly disease, believed to be tuberculosis. She managed to survive until the age of 3 where she died in her sleep. After dying, she was sent to Soul Society to what is believed to be, Kisuke Uruhara. She made it to the Soul Society and was born to two unknown parents. She quickly acceled at Kido and entered the academy, still appearing as a 4 year old. She eventually graduated and it is currently unknown of her position.


Kido Practioner- Karen is skilled in the art of Kido and has used powerful Kido much to others surprise.

Shunpo (Hoho)- The skill of Shunpo, or Flash Step is Karen's strong point. She uses rhis along with Hakuda (Hand to Hand Combat) to create devestating attacks.

Hakuda Expert- She is skilled in the art of fighting, applying her Kido and Shunpo into her fighting style. She created a powerful hit combo that can restrain her opponent and then quickly strike then with a Shot of Red Fire, followed by a strike with her palm.


Karen's Zanpakuto's name is Komakai Sennyo (lit. Small Fairy). It is sealed as a regular katana, slightly smaller. It has a butterfly wing shaped guard and a green and pink handle. The first release phrase is Saezuru (lit. Sing). The second release command is Himei (lit. Shriek)

Shikai (Version 1)- When saying the command, Saezuru, Komakai Sennyo becomes two small steel ninja fans. On the fan's is an imprintation of a Pink Butterfly. She can use the fans to release a pink cutting wind that will devestate her opponents. She also can apply Kido to the Fan's to make them fire things like Hado #4: Byakurai.

Shikai (Version 2)- When saying the command, Himei, Komakai Sennyo becomes two sai, that have green handles. She uses them with skill in battle and can release a green energy blast from the tip of this ninja weapon. She can also use it along with Shunpo to create a fast slicing attack that will do minor to massive damage.

Bankai- Not yet achieved


  • She is similar to Yachiru Kusajishi, former Lieutanant of the 11th Division.
  • Her Zanpakuto is one of the few with two release phrase.

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