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Kawahiru Clan
Family Head Yukina Kawahiru (presumed)
Family Seat Shōkyūden
Affiliation Soul Society
Specialty N/A
"The Soul King was created by Soul Society to bring stability to the staggering, chaotic mass of traffic caused by souls travelling in and out."
Yhwach referencing the purpose given to the Kawahiru Clan.

The Kawahiru Clan (河昼一族, Kawahiru Ichizoku; Literally meaning "Kawahiru Family") is a family of Sōzōshin founded by Amenooshihi. Within Soul Society, they are known as the "Royal Family" (王室, Ōshitsu) after Tsuyuri Kawahiru had been chosen to become a concubine of the King of Souls in order to produce heirs. By tradition, the family has been charged with the running of Soul Society and it's well-being, serving as major decision-makers. After the death of her mother, the clan is presumably headed by Yukina Kawahiru. The Ryōdoji Clan is known to be a direct descendant of the Kawahiru family.



Three Families

Founding of Soul Society

Special Abilities

According to Hanzei Kurokami, the Kawahiru are the sole clan of Sōzōshin that are capable of manipulating boundaries and borders; of both the literal and the conceptual. What this power entails is currently unknown, as only a handful of Kawahiru throughout history have ever awoken this ability, let alone mastered it, but it is what allows them to transverse the dimensions, including that of Asadal, without the need of special assistance.

Family Members

Kawahiru Clan
Name Title Status
Seosan KawahiruFounder of the Kawahiru Clan † Deceased
Kurama KawahiruFormer Head of the Kawahiru Clan Active
Shōyō KawahiruFamily Member † Deceased
Datara KawahiruFormer Head of the Kawahiru Clan † Deceased
Tsuyuri KawahiruLady of the Kawahiru Clan Active
Kamui KawahiruFormer Soul Prince Active
Seireitou KawahiruFormer Soul Prince Active
Yukina KawahiruSoul Princess Active
Shiori MiyamotoWife of Seireitou Kawahiru. † Deceased
Suzaku KawahiruSon of Seireitou Kawahiru and Shiori Miyamoto. Active
Sayuri MatsumotoDaughter of Seireitou Kawahiru and Rangiku Matsumoto. Active
Masanori KawahiruFamily Member Active
Itoku KawahiruFamily Member Active
Yue KawahiruFamily Member † Deceased
Naishō KawahiruFamily Member Active
Setsuna KawahiruFamily Member Active
Nisshō KawahiruFamily Member † Deceased
Yuki KawahiruFamily Member † Deceased
Kushina KawahiruFamily Kenpachi Active
Shingi KawahiruFamily Member Active
Shōichi KawahiruFamily Member Active

Clan Descendants

Behind the Scenes

  • Kawahiru (河昼) roughly translates into "Daytime River".
  • Byakuya Kuchiki had stated that there are rumors that the Kuchiki Clan was descended from the Kawahiru Clan. However, this was proven to be untrue, as they are descended from the Kurokami Clan.

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