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Sozoshin origin
Name Sōzōshin
Kanji 滅却師
English "God of Creation"
Additional Information
Primary Power Soul Manipulation
Reishi Control
Notable Members Kawahiru Clan

The Sōzōshin (創作の神様, "God of Creation") were a tribe of souls in ancient times that were gifted with the essence of Kamimusuhi. Similar to that of the Shinigami, they are deities in name only, belonging to a lineage that descended from the ones who were first bestowed power by Kamimusuhi. They were tasked with guiding the souls that resided within the ancient land, Ashihara no Nakatsukuni, away from the corrupting forces of chaos which plagued the world. Utilizing their power, they could provide shelter and protection to their fellow man, while helping to build a new world from the devastation that surrounded them; hence the name they were given. However, their powers had made them sensitive to the souls of others and even the reishi that surrounded them. Their hearts were like mirrors that reflected the souls around them, for they were meant to embody the will of mankind, so as to create a new world when the darkness would be pacified. However, it had became too much for some Sōzōshin, who were driven mad by the thoughts and emotions that they were forced to experience, causing many to use their powers solely for themselves or to satisfy their selfish desires. This eventually led to a split among the Sōzōshin that had soon resulted in an internal conflict between the two familial factions; the Asakura Clan and the Kawahiru Clan. When the war between them was settled, the Kawahiru had obliterated the other faction, and over the ages, the history of the Sōzōshin themselves had faded into obscurity, with the existence of this lineage itself falling to nigh extinction. It was not until millenia later that a surviving member of the Kawahiru, the legendary warrior Shōyō, helped to continue the family line with the birth of his daughter, Tsuyuri Kawahiru, who eventually gave birth to Seireitou Kawahiru, Kamui Kawahiru, and later, Yukina Kawahiru. Still, no records of the Sōzōshin are considered to still exist, with few living beings even knowing of their history.


Jinmu and Seosan

Members of the Kawahiru Clan.

Originating as souls that resided in the Ashihara no Nakatsukuni, they were gifted with the essence of Kamimusuhi...

During the Warring Souls Period of Soul Society's history, Tsuyuri Kawahiru was impregnated with the essence of the Soul King and bore two children. The intention was for one Sōzōshin child to be born, one that would serve as a replacement for the King should he ever fall, lest Soul Society itself be destroyed in the process — that being Kamui Kawahiru — but another son was born as well, one without a name that was regarded as disposable and cast to the Rukongai to die a pitiful death. That boy would come to be known as Seireitou Kawahiru. However, even Kamui, at some point during his adulthood, had left behind his home; causing much destruction in his wake, as well as the death of multiple former Royal Guardsmen. Having now lacked a true heir, a third child was to be conceived by Tsuyuri, which had resulted in her daughter, Yukina Kawahiru.


Kawahiru Clan

The Kawahiru Clan (河昼一族, Kawahiru Ichizoku; Literally meaning "Kawahiru Family") was one of two major families that persisted in the history of Sōzōshin. While in the beginning, there were noted to be as many as ten families that inherited the Sōzōshin blood, these families soon coalesced into the two major branches of Kawahiru and Asakura. It has been suggested that, at one time, the Kawahiru were tasked with the administration of an early Soul Society, serving as loyal retainers to the King of Souls; the latter himself was once said to have been of Sōzōshin blood, though this presumably is just folklore.

Kawahiru Clan Members
Name Status
Kurama Kawahiru † Deceased
Shōyō Kawahiru † Deceased
Datara Kawahiru † Deceased
Tsuyuri Kawahiru † Deceased
Kamui Kawahiru Active
Seireitou Kawahiru Active
Yukina Kawahiru Active
Suzaku Kawahiru Active
Kaguya Kawahiru Active
Itoku Kawahiru Active
Kushina Kawahiru Active
Shingi Kawahiru Active
Shōichi Kawahiru Active

Asakura Clan

The Asakura Clan (朝倉一族, Asakura Ichizoku; Literally meaning "Asakura Family") were one of the two major families of Sōzōshin in their recorded history. It was said that they were the faction that were driven with the ideals that their power was an entitlement to rule over the world. The Kawahiru of those times regarded them as a clan "possessed by evil".

Asakura Clan Members
Name Status
Kyebaek Tae Alive

Notable Characteristics

Essence of Kamimusuhi: What made the Sōzōshin different from normal souls was that they were gifted with the essence of Kamimusuhi. It altered a great deal of their spiritual physiology, making their souls more sensitive to the souls of others and allowed them to enact influence over reishi. It was a power meant to "connect" in the truest sense, for Sōzōshin were tasked with helping to forge a new world for their fellow man. They could connect their souls to the souls of others and even to the reishi around them, which themselves were fractured remnants of past souls drifting through dimensions. According to legend, it connected the Sōzōshin to the suffering that went on all around them, making them perceptive to both the state of the world as it was and how it would be. However, some Sōzōshin saw this as a means for control, enslaving others by controlling their souls and reigning them in with force of will. Such power over others drove many Sōzōshin mad, turning even the kindest individuals into tyrants, which warped their beliefs and led them down a path of conquest, eventually leading to the split between the Kawahiru and the Asakura. It is noted that only true-blooded Sōzōshin ever inherit the essence of Kamimusuhi, or more accurately, the power only manifests within true-bloods. Within Kamui Kawahiru, this gifted him with the "All-Sight", among other extraordinary facets, while Seireitou Kawahiru, who was born with a Kitsune heritage, did not inherit any of these latent Sōzōshin abilities.

Vulnerable to Chaos

Behind the Scenes

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