The Inner Hollow of Keigai Honrui is the dark Hollow form that manifested inside Keigai's mind. Only on near death experiences has it come out.

Keigai Honrui
[[File:Vizard Mask II by dazedgumball]]
The Mask that Keigai adorns upon Activating his Hollow Powers
Age 1000+
Height 6'5"
Weight 148 pounds
Gender Male
Species Shinigami/Vizard
Partners Keigai Honrui
Affiliation Unknown
Team Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Previous Occupation(s) Unknown



A total opposite in color to Keigai, The Inner Hollow has a messy mop of white hair and black/yellow eyes. It wears a white hakama and hyori with a orange rope as a belt. He has black socks and red sandals. His Zanpakuto is also carried on his back but in the opposite direction. (Note: The Inner Hollow's attire is a combination of two of Keigai's outfits)


Psycotic and Cynical, the Inner Hollow has a craving for drawing blood. He is never satsified with defeating an opponent and must do the most sickening thing to them. He on several occasions came out of Keigai and stabbed a fellow Vizard almost through the heart, incapacitating him for multiple weeks. He is a time bomb waiting to happen.


Sonido- The Inner Hollow of Keigai uses this to great extent. Do to him being the self image of Keigai, he can move at the same speed or even faster with a little effort.

Cero- An ability that Keigai's inner Hollow has shown to use. It can fire a Rosary Pink colored Cero. It created multiple versions of Cero.

Zanjutsu- It is able to easily fight with Sabure Jikoku in battle and use it to a great extent. The Inner Hollow has lightly touched upon knowing of Sabure Jikoku's Bankai.

Hierro- The one thing it has that Keigai doesn't is tough skin that could block Keigai's own Cero. The reason is unknown since they are the same.


  • The Inner Hollow of Keigai uses the same Zanpakuto as Keigai, which is Sabure Jikoku (lit. Sands of Time). Unlike the regular Sabure Jikoku, this one has a black handle and white blade. The design on the handle is a oval shape chain. The release phrase is Kakou (lit. Fall)

Shikai- In Shikai, Sabure Jikoki becomes a large sand gourd that hangs of his back. The gourd has a large amount of sand that is made of reiatsu that can be controlled. (Note: Greatly Based of of Gaara from Naruto). The gourd has multiple designs and kanji on it that stand for sand, wind, and earth. Unlike Keigai's, the Inner Hollow's gourd is a white color and the sand is black.

Bankai- In Bankai, Sabure Jikoku becomes Sabure Jikoku no Uchuu (lit. Sands of Time and Space). He gains the same outfit as Keigai except with a crimson lining and he gains a red staff. He also controls space instead of keigai's ability to control time. He usually creates a bubble that lets him drain Reiasu from the target gradually.

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