Kenshi 賢志

Fencer or silk thread

The wielder of Akuma-Zukku

Age 17

Kinda short, spiky dark brown hair and a little scrawny

A Vizard

Doesn't use Kidō but knows some powerful ones

Unique but an expert swordsman and isn't afraid to use his hands/feet/etc. in a fight

Short tempered, mischievous but friendly, and he takes all of his fights way too seriously and is completely merciless in battle.

Kenshi has no real connection to the Soul Society he's more of a free lance hollow hunter and has never lost in a battle to any hollow

Zanpakutō Spirits

Supu-Ru スプール


Male spirit,He is completely covered in bandages, like a mummy. (looks are still in development)

He is completely emotionless and is a bit of a pacifist but a force to be reckoned with.

His true power comes out when the mask begins to take control.

kenpei-kisaki 権力女帝

Empress of power

Female spirit, lives in the shadow of Supu-Ru, and she rarely shows her true form

She is pure power and has a tendency to get out of control, Kenshi uses her power more than Supu-Ru, her power is a lot more fun to use.

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