Kersy Cabriohembra is the weakest of the Hermanas Arrancar Tres.

Kersy Cabriohembra
Age Unknown
Birthdate June 13
Height 4'11"
Weight 110 lbs.
Gender Female
Species Arrancar
Partners None
Affiliation Hermanas Arrancar Tres
Occupation Treasure Hunter



Kersy has blood red hair which she puts up into two neat buns. She wears a tight purple cloth that she ties around herself like a shirt. She wears a black skirt with gray lining over top of her satyr-like legs. She also has a long tail that ends in blond fur.


Kersy is impish and doesn't take anything seriously. This includes battles, during which she teases the opponent more often than not, believing that she cannot be defeated by anyone except her two "sisters". She is also a skillful prankster, able to fool anyone into believing even the strangest of things.


Kersy can fire a Cero from the tip of her tail. Her special and unique ability is known as Cero Proyectils, with which she fires multiple needlelike Ceros from each of her tail's hair. While each one is weak individually, if they all hit the damage is more devestating than a normal Cero.


Garra (Spanish for "claw") is Kersy's Zanpakutō. When sealed, they resemble sharp fingernail extensions. They can rip and tear through skin and cloth effortlessly, and she has killed several rookie shinigami with this weapon alone.

  • Resurrección: She has stated she has a Resurrección, but it has not yet been seen in battle.


  • "Playtime now, onee-chan?"
  • "You'll die, you know! You should just submit!"
  • "You're cute. Too bad I'm gonna carve out your brain before I get a chance to ask you out, hunky-san."


  • "Kersy" is a type of coarse cloth made from sheep wool, referencing Kersy's satyr-like legs. "Cabriohembra" is Spanish for "female goat", also referencing her satyr-like legs.

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