Ki no Hitomi (気の瞳, Eye of the Mind) is a technique known to Sonomaru. It allows Sonomaru to link his reiatsu into the mind of a target(s). This allows him to generate illusions and tricks of the eye on anyone who looks into his eyes. He has shown to be quite brutal, casting gruesome and dark illusions on those he deems as enemies. He has shown to use the good in people in order to kill them, as quoted by Minato Ooburi.

Known Abilities

Sonomaru has not yet shown his full potential with the use of the Ki no Hitomi, leaving only a few technqiues to be shown.

  • Kage Bushin (影分身, Shadow Clone)- Creating a wave of black energy, multiple copies of people that the entrapped loves will charge and attack him. Their images are fished from the targets mind, via Sonomaru's reiatsu.
  • Jubaku Satsu (樹縛殺, Tree Binding Death)- Casting the powerful illusion over the targer that will erect a tree behind the target. From it, multiple branches will strangle around the target. While the illusion is in motion, Sonomaru will stab the target through the chest, creating a gruseome fate.


  • Yes, the abiliies above are the same names as the techniques from Naruto.
  • While Sonomaru wields the technique, he does not yet know the name of it is the Ki no Hitomi.

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