Kichiga Kagakusha
Age Unknown
Birthdate May 16th
Height 5ft 3in
Weight Unknown
Gender Male
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Soul Society
Team 12th Division
Occupation Prisoner at Maggots Nest
Previous Occupation(s) Shinigami Research and Development Institute


Kichigai has white/purple skin and black hair. he has black eyes and wears the standard Shinigami uniform. he also has a great, mutated arm , growing out from his right shoulder. It serves mainly as a right arm, and his original right arm is now left unused.


Kichigai dosen't see the danger in things. He experimented only with himself, and tested everything he came up with on his test objects. One day he experimented with a new potion, and it gave him a new, mutated arm, out of his right shoulder.



Kichigai's childhood is unknown, as he has never talked about it.



Kichigai in the Maggots Nest

The Gotei 13 noticed after some time that a number of Unseated Officers had disappeared. Captain Furosuto was never allowed to enter Kichigai's lab, and mostly had respect for privacy, but took a peek in once when Kichigai was on a mission. He saw a bunch of dead, mutated bodies lying in a corner. The Captain went off to his office to think. Meanwhile, Kichigai had returned and resumed his experimenting. he came up with a potion, which would give the drinker tremendous powers, but what it gave was an extra arm, which contained that power.

Captain Furosuto told the Captain of the 2nd Division this, and she and her Special Forces went to kichigai's lab to arrest him for murdering fellow Shinigamis and experimenting illegal mutations. He was hard to capture, as he had obtained his third arm. In the end, the special Forces captured him, put seven seals on his body, so he couldn't use his third arm, because they were unsuccessful in cutting it off. They placed him in the Maggots Nest.

Powers and Abilities

Kido: Kichigai has not shown too much interest in Kido, but has learned it.

Hand to Hand Combat: Kichigai's skills in combat can match that of an Lieutenant, du to his third arm. Without it, his skills are that of a normal seated officer.

Poison Expert: Kichigai is an expert at handling and sending out poison, since one of Wanizame's special abilities is poison.



Kichigai with Wanizame in Shikai

Wanizame's (Lit. Shark) released form takes the form of a shark. It is constantly in Shikai form, and the sealed form was just like a regulare Zanpakuto.

Shikai: The release command is "Bite!". Wanizame then changes and the blade splits in two on the end, and each part of the blade gains teeths. It also gains a red eye.

Shikai Special Ability: Wanizame's special abilities is to be able to crush almost anything with its teeths and to send out poison through the body of whoever that is hit by its teeths.

Bankai: Kichigai has not achieved Bankai.


  • "My experimenting is for helping the Soul Society to grow stronger"

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