Age 14
Height 5ft
Weight 100 lbs
Gender Male
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Tenth Division
Team 10th Division
Occupation Unseated Officer, 10th Division

Kinzoku is an Unseated Officer of the Tenth Division.


He is a short boy, with brown hair, the standard Soul Reaper uniform, orange eyes, and carrying his Zanpakuto on his back.


Powers & Abilities

Spiritual Energy: Kinzoku is possessing quite an amount of spiritual energy, but is unable to fully control, as it leaks and draws hollows to him.

Flash Steps User: Kinzoku's flash steps is a little under average, as he once hit a wall, while aiming for the top of it.

Swordsmanship: Kinzoku is really good with his Zanpakuto.



Kinzoku's Zanpakuto is a regulary katana in it's sealed form. It's named Suppai and it's release command is "Melt"

  • Shikai: In Shikai, Suppai melts off Kinzoku's hand turns into a green liquid on the ground.
  • Shikai Ability: The only ability Suppai has is that in the liquid form, it moves towards it's opponent and melts through mostly anything. The fact that it can not leave the ground is it's weakness.


Kinzoku was randomly made, and he has no real purpose at all.

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