Kobura Dokueki is the 5th Seat of the Soul Guild. He has dark purple hair with a steak of red on the left side. He has dark purple eyes, and two small fangs on each side of his upper row of teeth. He is gentle and emotional, usually entering a fit of crying when something bad has happened. He wears a standard black shingami outfit with a thin white mantel over his shoulders.


Kobura is gentle and emotional. He is loved by many, and is favored by most woman due to his somewhat feminine outlook. He enjoys reading manga, imported from the real world and enjoys jazz. He is thought to be gay by many male characters, but this is proven false when he was caught with an Adult Magazine.


Kobura grew up in a small unknown village. He lived with his two parents, and enjoyed playing. He loved to pick flowers for his mothers, who was a Florist. He would often play with the others in the village. Oneday, there was a large group of hollows that rampaged and destroyed a large portion of the village. He became more content and emotional after the attack. He eventually entered the academy, where he spent at least 4 years. He then graduated, and joined the 4th Squad. From there he moved through different squads, some being the 2nd, 6th, back to the 4th and finally the 12th. He then was moved to the Soul Guild, by Commander-General Yamamoto.


Swordsmanship Specialist- Kobura is quite skilled in using his Zanpakuto. While not as skilled as his captain

Kido Specialist- Kobura is skilled at Kido, being able to use high level Kido. How high is unknown

Information Gathering- Since Kobura is a member of the Soul Guild, he is skilled at Information Gathering

Flash Step- Kobura is a master of using Flash Steps, it is beilieved he was taught by former captian Soifon.

Vast Spiritual Pressure- He has shown to have large amounts of Spiritual Pressure, being able to use high level kido without breaking a sweat.


Shirohebi (literally White Snake) is a Poison/Melee type Zanpakuto. It has a dark purple handle with a diamond shaped guard. The blade is thin and short being only 3 and a 1/2 inches tall. The release phrase is "Taba ken Baito" (literally Coil and Bite!)

Shikai- In Shikai, Shirohebi takes the form of a long sword with multiple indents in the blade. The blade can extend and wrap around the target like a real snake. The blade itsef releases a special brand of poison, that is able to numb the muscles.

Bankai- Not yet achieved


  • Kobura Dokueki means Cobra's Poison
  • Kobura is NOT Gay

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