Kohaku Fujibayashi
Name Kohaku Fujibayashi
Kanji 藤林琥珀
Romaji Fujibayashi Kohaku
Race Shinigami
Birthday March 10
Gender Male
Height 5 ft. 11 in.
Weight 139 lbs.
Eyes Green
Hair Blue
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Gotei 13, Soul Society
Previous Affiliation
Previous Occupation 19th Head of the Fujibayashi Family
Previous Team
Partner Unknown
Previous Partner
Base of Operations Fujibayashi mansion
Personal Status
Marital Status Married
Relatives (See Fujibayashi Family)
Education Academy
Status Retired
Shikai Raishō
Bankai Not yet revealed

Kohaku Fujibayashi (藤林 琥珀; Fujibayashi Kohaku) was the head of the Fujibayashi Family prior to the main Bleach storyline. He has a quiet personality, but little else could be discerned from his brief appearance with his brother.



Kohaku, in a conversation with Masaru.

Very little is known about Kohaku, but he is the elder brother of Masaru and the Head of the Fujibayashi Family. He was married at one point, but nothing about Kohaku's wife has been revealed. It is notable that Kohaku's wife was never seen: it may be that she died.

He has been concerned over the future of his only child, Hotaru, discouraging the more active roles of duty for her own safety and for the sake of the future of the Fujibayashi Family. It remains unknown how Hotaru's conviction of treason against Soul Society has affected Kohaku.

Personality and Traits

Kohaku has been portrayed as a quiet shinigami that knows when is the best time to speak or remain silent. He has a sense of dignity and placement in society, which he adheres to for the vast majority, if not all, the time. However, Kohaku is noted to be a brilliant tactician by admirers, and can be rather bold in his strategies. Kohaku is known to keep a library of military treatises to study.

Powers and Abilities

Little has been revealed, other than about his zanpakutō.


The sealed form of Kohaku's zanpakutō is difficult to determine, though it has been seen sheathed underneath his cloak, at the waist. Its name is Raishō (雷将; lit. Lightning General). The name makes it extremely safe to assume that his zanpakutō deals with the lightning element.


Behind the Scenes

Although he was not meant to be as so by the creator, Kohaku's behavior has put him off as slightly sexist.

Kohaku means "amber" in Japanese.

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