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This article is about the manifested spirit of Nariko Hisano's Zanpakutō. For his Zanpakutō and its abilities, see Nariko Hisano's Zanpakuto.

Kohonō Nyo'ei
Kohonō Nyo'ei (spirit)
Species Zanpakutō Spirit

Nariko Hisano (Owner)

Kohonō Nyo'ei (旧炎の影のように, lit. Old Instinct, Like a Shadow) is the manifested spirit of Nariko Hisano's Zanpakutō that is seen during the Zanpakutō Escapement arc.

Character Outline

Kohonō Nyo'ei has long, wavy, black hair, warm scarlet eyes, and full lips. Her most distinctive features are her extremely large breasts, which are as large as Rangiku Matsumoto's. She dresses in a revealing top that allows her ample bosom to be revealed, as well as wearing a hakama tied by a pink obi. Her easy-going and free-spirited personality makes a comparason to her carefree master, but the two seem to be quite close regardless even after she was released. She is not the slightest bit modest about her appearance, and she is not above using her considerable feminine charms to get her way. Otherwise, she is friendly, humorous in her own way, sensitive, and kind. She comes off as naive and rather clueless sometimes, and has a tendency to rush into situations without thinking, sometimes leading to embarrassing consequences.


Powers & Abilities

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: Kohonō Nyo'ei has shown great swordsmanship as well, able to easily keep up with Nariko. She is ambidextrous and can switch her sword from her right to left.

Speed Master: Kohonō Nyo'ei has demonstrated incredible speed in battle, initially able to outmaneuver Nariko to the point of forcing him almost completely on the defensive.

Enhanced Strength: With her great physical strength, Kohonō Nyo'ei is capable of fending off attacks from even gigantic weapons like Tsukuyōmaru's, launching her opponent several meters away with a single punch and scratching the blade of an opponent effortlessly in one swing of her Zanpakutō.

Kohonō Nyo'ei can summon a sword that takes the form of his Shikai release state: a deformed katana which has a deceptively small blade, that is actually longer than initially seen. The hilt is wrapped in cloth, with a rectangular bronze cross guard and dark purple handle. It's power has yet to be seen.

  • Shikai Special Ability: She has yet to reveal the true nature of herself, but it is heavily implied she can control shadows; However, this power has yet to be confirmed, but she has been seen to control the opponent's movements for a few seconds at a time.



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