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English Dark Bolt
Kanji 濃いボルト
Technique Statistics
Type Reiatsu, Reiseī
Used By Souls


This type of technique is more of a defensive-to-offensive attack. As the user takes more damage, more of their power flows into their opponent, from causing severe burns to incinerating the attacker over a long period of time. The risk is that the user needs to take all the damage that their opponent throws at them, but users of Koiboruto rarely have problems taking damage.


  • Part Charge: (パートチャージ, Pātochāji) At this stage, the user can use his or her power to slow down their opponents movements slightly and burn their skin to a second degree stage. 2,500 volts of electricity are generated at this stage.
  • Half Charge: (ハーフチャージ, Hāfuchāji) The user can slow down the enemies movements more and inflict third degree burns. At this stage, the user must have sustained a mortal wound. 5,000 volts of electricity are generated at this stage.
  • Full Charge: (満充電 Manjūden) Adrenaline fuels the last stage as the user needs to be on the verge of death when using this part of the technique. At this point, the user can cause extreme burns on the opponent and stop their movements if the opponent gives into the electricity coursing through their body. 10,000 volts of electricity are generated at this stage.

Notable Users

Behind the Scenes

The technique was heavily influenced by Katsura Hoshino's D.Gray-man character Skin Boric's ability as a Noah.