Kouhi Tetsukobushi is one of the few females of the 11th Division. She serves as the 4th Seat in the 11th Division.


She wheres a standard Shingami Hyori with a few customizations. She wears two large red straps over her right and left shoulder that go across to her waist. She has long white socks and high sandals. She has dirty blonde hair worn in a neat manner and has emerald green eyes.


Kouhi is tomboyish above everything else. She enjoys to fight and hates to be looked down upon by her fellow division members. She is very strong, being at least Liuetanant level. She has a free spirit and she acts care free.


Kouhi grew up into a poor village in an unknown part of Rukongai. Her father died when she was 9 and her mother was left to care for her. When she was 14 her mother abandoned her. Kouhi grew timid and shy. One day she was attacked by Hollows. She did not move in hopes that they would end her life. It was there that she was saved by Kenpachi Zaraki. He told her that she shouldn't be sitting in despair and that she should fight to fix her problems. Though not the best words of wisdom, she followed his advice and entered the Shingami Academy. She excelled in Hand to Hand Combat and Sword Fighting. She was put into the 11th Divison where she stayed under Kenpachi Zaraki, until the Zero Division Recruitment Arc.


Hand to Hand Combat- She excells in this area. She is skilled in numerous forms of combat, some varying through Japanese, Chinese, and American culture. She can also use Reaitsu when fighting to strengthen her attacks.

Swordsmanship Specialist- She is highly adept in using her Zanpaku-to on combat. She has shown to use it numerous times to take out hollows.

Kido Practioner- As a member of the 11th Division, she has extremly little knowledge of Kido however she has shown to be somewhat skilled at Kido.


Her Zanpakuto's name is Oni Kanadazuchi (lit. Ogre Hammer) is a meele zanpakuto. The handle is a light silver color with a dark black grip. The guard is square shape with a small cirlcle in the middle. The blade is long and thin. The releasse phrase is "Gachan" (lit. Slam!).

Shikai- In Shikai, Oni Kanadazuchi becomes a large hammer . The handle is about 5ft long with multiple ingravings on it. THe head is shaped like a cylindar.

Shikai Abilities- In Shikai, Oni Kanadazuchi can deal major bashes to the target. The wielder can charge reaitsu into the hammer for more damage. The wielder also becomes stronger in comparison.

Bankai- Yet to be achieved


  • She is one of the few female members of the 11th Division.
  • Her idol is Kenpachi Zaraki

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