Kurei Yuzu is a shinigami held as a prisoner in the Maggot's Nest. He is known to have dangerous abilities and conducts dangerous experiments. It is known that he formed a group called Varia. He shall be in the fanfic, Bleach, the Blade of Heaven.


He always wears a cloak, which covers most of his body.


He seems to be carefree and careless at times.



Vast Spiritual Power

He has the greatest spiriual power amongst the dark shinigami.

Master Swordsman

He is very skilled in swordsmanship, and is the most proficient swordsman among the dark shinigami.

Master of Hand to Hand Combat

He rarely uses his blade, only using it when his opponent is stronger than he expects, thus he relies mostly in hand to hand combat.

Enhanced Strength

When he fights hand to hand, he can deal serious damage even to a captain-level shinigami.


He can cast a level 95 Kido without the incantation.

Flash Steps/Sonido

He is a master of flash steps, and somehow learnd sonido. He is more proficient in Flash Steps than in Sonido.


He travels through different dimensions using this.


He fires the standard red cero in his palms.


(not yet seen)





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