Kurenai Uindo (lit. Crimson Wind) is an unknown female Shinigami.

Kurenai Uindo
Age 117
Birthdate May 11th
Height 5ft
Weight N/A
Gender Female
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Soul Society
Team 5th Division
Previous Occupation(s) none

The Uindo Clan


Kurenai wears a standard black hyori with a gold necklace. She has sandy brown hair and light red beautiful eyes. She is about 5ft, and her weight is unknown. She carries her Zanpakuto on her waist.


Kurenai is calm and very level headed. She prefers to not enter battle, but if anyone's life is on the line she will step up. She likes to spend her free time, reading and drinking tea.


Flash Step- Kurenai is an elite Flash Step master. She is as skilled as a Captain in comparison.

Vast Spiritual Presure- Kurenai has large amounts of stored Spiritual Pressure. This is probably due to her role as a lieutanant.

Zanjutsu (lit. Sword Play)- She is skilled at fighting with her Zanpakuto. It is known that her Zanpakuto can be wielded with two hands.

Kido Practioner- Kurenai is skilled at using basic Kido spells.


Kurenai's Zanpakuto is called Konpeki Hakuki (lit. Azure Oak Tree) is a Kido/Earth Element Zanpakuto. The handle has a Azure colored grip with a circular guard. The release phrase is Teiku Tai (lit. Take Form)

Shikai- In Shikai, Konpeki Hakuki becomes a staff with multiple azure colored branches wrapping around it. On the tip, there is a glass orb, that is constatnly flowing Spiritual Energy.

Shikai Abilities- In Shikai, Konpeki Hakuki can emit a azure colored spiritual energy in a concentrated blast. The energy can work as an active aura that can shield close range attacks.

Zanpakuto Spirit

The Spirit of Konpeki Hakuki is a edo era Japanese soldier statue. It is made of jade crystal. It carries a staff with a jade colored blade on it.

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