Kurobara (literally Black Rose) is a member of the Haciaparaje. His rank is unknown but it is apparently pretty high. He has black eyes, and black hair. He wears a formal suit like outfit, and carries a black rose (hence his name). His mask remanant is half of a helmet with three horns on it.


Cero- Like all Arrancar, he can use Cero. His cero is black, but no classified as Osucro Cero. He tends to fire it from his rose.

Sonido- He can use Sonido to move at fast speeds. He is not as fast as other Haciaparaje members but is somewhat fast.

Garganta- He uses Garganta to teleport between the different worlds.

Ressurection- Like all Arrancar he can use Ressurection, which is the first state of arrancar.

Ressurection: Segunda Etapa- Like other members of the Haciaparaje he can use the second state of an arrancar. It can only be achieved by a few arrancar. In this state, an arrancar can pass the strength of 4 captains.


Kurobara's Zanpakutou is sealed as a katana, with a green handle and black guard. The guard is shaped as a flower. The release phrase of this zanpakuto is "Dikei" (literally Decay!)

Ressurection- In Ressurection, Kurobara arms are wrapped in branches that are covered with death leaves. Multiple black roses sprout on their back and he gains a skull like headpiece.

Ressurection Abilities- In Ressurection, he can release black colored spores that attach onto the target and explode. The wielder can also make shields out of the flowers and fire black energy blasts from his arms.

Ressurection: Segunda Etapa- In his second state of Ressurection, the entire lower half of his body is engulfed in tree like roots. His arms become large wooden blades and are wrapped in vines. His helmet breaks and his hair grows long and green. He moves similar to a octopus. On his back is one large black flower that releases poisonous toxins.

Ressurection: Segunda Etapa Abilities- In his second state of Ressurection, he can release black spores that can take over a target's body. They also work as tracking devices. He is able to create black energy blades that can deal intense damage to the target.


His Fraccion consist of multiple incomplete arrancar, that he uses for reconisance and as mere pawns. He has no relationship with any of his fraccion, even going as far as to use three of them to block Uryu's Arrows and Chad's Left Arm of the Devil.


  • He has a close relationship with fellow Haciaparaje member Gigantetoro.
  • He serves as the tactical expert for the Haciaparaje.


  • "A Quincy, interesting"
  • "Dikei!"
  • "Gigantetoro, please be careful"

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