Kurokane is the 3rd Seat in the Yonhoshifuu Sentai. He has black long hair, worn in a similar manner to Jushiro. He has dark red eyes and tan skin. He wears a standard Shingami outfit with multiple added straps.


Kurokane is easy going and is usually the one to not take on important tasks. Even as a member of the Yonhoshifuu Sentai, he would rather sleep and rest under a shady tree. When his allies lives are in danger, he will step up and protect them even at the cost of his own life.


Bakudo- He is a master Bakudo (way of binding), being able to use Bakudo up to #80.

Swordsmanship- He is somewhat of a good swordsman. He is not skilled as most shingami are but he knows the basics.

Flash Step- Kurokane is not a master Flash Step master but he can use it to his full potential.

Vast Spiritual Energy- He has alot of stored Reiatsu, being able to emit Reiatsu that can be sensed from over 1,000 Miles. Sadly, he doesn't use his power to his full advantage.


Kurokane was born in District 78, Kusajishi. He had stayed out of the spotlight by hiding in his home. When he was 11 (The Soul Society Equivalent), his parents were murdered and he took to a life of solitude. He began to excell in fighting, and was able to survive day after day. He left District 78, and joined the Soul Academy. He graduated and joined the 6th Divsion as it's 7th Seat and eventually joined the Yonhoshifuu Sentai as it's 3rd Seat.


Bokokawa (literally Hollow Shell) is a water type Zanpakuto. The handle is light blue and the guard is shaped as a fat oval. There is a empty diamond design in the middle. The release phrase is "Furafura ue za Suna Migiwa" (literally Stagger Over the Sandy Shore).

Shikai- In Shikai Bokokawa becomes a large iron cast glove with three spikes over the Middle, Index and Pointer Finger knuckles. There is a white strap over the wrist.

Shikai Abilities- In Shikai, Bokokawa can control the air pressure around him. By doing this, his punches do more damage as he can push himself forward at high speeds. He is also able to change the density of different objects, turning a solid rock to being weak as a piece of wood.

Bankai- not yet achived


  • Kurokane looks up to Ikihan his captain and teacher
  • He has a somewhat close relationship with Izuru Kira.


  • "Whats all the commotion"
  • "I'll take a nap, tell me when your done"

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