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Age 180
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Gender Male
Species Inner Spirit
Affiliation Kyashi Yamamura
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation None
Previous Occupation(s) None


Theme Song: No Jesus Christ by Seether

Kyosuke is a Zanpakutō spirit that lies within Kyashi Yamamura, and is a secondary antagonist in the Taiki Kurosaki Arc.



Kyosuke, in his usual attire.

Kyosuke has the appearance of a young man with short and silver hair, which bangs cover his forehead. He has pale skin, with black schlera, yellow irises, and black slits for pupils. He wears a brown shirt, covered by an open, black shirt, along with matching pants. Both of which are outlined with a blue column, which occasionally forms strange symbols in various places of the clothing. At his waist is a brown belt, with the buckle a circular shape.


Kyosuke is a rather laid-back and easy-going man, and often spends his time teasing his master. Under most situations, he holds a flippant attitude, and is often uninterested in the world around him. His teasing often leads to mild arguments with Kyashi, but other than that they seem to enjoy each other's company. The only time he is shown to get excited is when in combat, putting on a more concentrated and cut-loose personality.


Powers & Abilities

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Kyosuke's fighting style in terms of swordsmanship is highly aggressive and offensive, akin to the style of Kyashi. However, he possesses more ingenuity, footwork, and agility in his own attacks.

Enhanced Durability: Kyosuke's durability is quite immense. Similar to the nature of a berserker, he is able to ignore most of the wounds inflicted on his person and keep fighting effectively, even so far as to ignore multiple slash wounds, when many others would be killed at that point.

Enhanced Strength: Coupled with his sword style and durability in combat, Kyosuke also has a large degree of strength to back up his sword attacks. This produces insane cutting strength, resulting in cutting through nearly anything, including statistically weaker Zanpakuto's and Hierro.

Immense Spiritual Power: A possible reason of his durability, Kyosuke has an incredible ammount of reiatsu, which in turn increases his stamina. Not only can he withstand multiple heavy injuries to his person, but he is able to keep fighting for a long period of time, thus giving him the advantage of stamina over his opponent.

Perceptive Combatant: Although she often tosses aside strategy and tactics for the style of a berserker, Kyosuke is capable of showing analyzation and perceptiveness of his opponent's movements and actions, and when given enough time, can think of ways to counter them.

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