Kyuuketsuki (lit Bloodsucker) is a Zanpakutou created by Cyberweasel89. It is free to be used by others. It is also one of the few female Zanpakutou.

Sealed State

Sealed as a rather ordinary katana with a curved blade and black handle with brass-colored diamond designs on it.


Zanpakutou Kyuuketsuki 01

When the release command "Engorge" is said, the sword enlarges into a very large double-edged sword.

Shikai Abilities

When the opponent is touching the Zanpakutou, the user is able to directly damage them by channeling their Reiryoku into the Zanpakutou. And that does not mean that the opponent has to be grabbing onto the Zanpakutou. If the two Shinigami are locking blades, the damage from the ability can still be dealt. The damage manifests as searing hot pain shooting through the opponent's body, and even manifests as several cuts appear on their body.


The Bankai is called Donshoku Kyuuketsuki (lit Ravenous Bloodsucker) When the user says "Bankai", a large explosion of light engulfs the user. They are now standing in the mouth of a gigantic leech with spikes all over its body.

Bankai Abilities

The leech is capable of inching along and biting the enemy with its ring of teeth, while the spikes on it's body prevent the opponent from hurting it. It can also roll on its side to impale the enemy. The gigantic leech also spews an acidic mucus. Not only is the acidic mucus highly corrosive, but the fumes the mucus emits are poisonous and cause hallucinations.

Zanpakutou Spirit

The Zanpakutou's Spirit is a little girl wearing an oversized, raggedy T-shirt and with long black hair that hangs down around her in wet clumps. She appears to be eight years old, malnourished, and with heavy bags under her eyes, which peer from between the wads of hair and are always opened wide. She appears to always be soaking wet and very smelly, as if she was just swimming in the sewers. When the girl speaks, she is always whispering and speaking in monotone.


  • The sword is largely based on the Blutsauger sword from the anime Shakugan no Shana. In the anime, the sword was capable of causing damage to an opponent touching it when the wielder channeled Power of Existence into it.
  • The Zanpakutou's spirit resembles a girl from a popular Japanese horror movie.

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