Ladrillo Casa (lit. Brick House) is an Arrancar who has apparently reached the rank of Vasto Lord, whoever this is undetermined. He is also a member of the Mejor Entonces lo Mas.

Ladrillo Casa
Age Unknown
Height 7'0"
Weight 260lbs
Gender Male
Species Arrancar
Partners Formerly Cascada Cuenca
Affiliation Numeros, Vasto Lord
Team Mejor Entonces lo Más (Better then Most)
Occupation None
Previous Occupation(s) None



A large and brute like arrancar, Ladrillo resembles Yammy Rigalo. He is bald and has light skin. He wears a v-neck white shirt and white pants. He carries a large axe and walks with a slouch. He has black eyes. Under his right eye, there is a scar that came from his Adjuchas days.


Lazy and Annoyeed Quickly, Ladrillo is a strong battler. Althought he is lazy, he doesn't like to give up a fight and will always kill his target.


Sonido Master- Due to his his status as a Vasto Lord, he is greatly profficient with Sonido and can move at speeds that challenge even the Top 4 Espada.

Cero Expert- While he doesn't use this often, he is quite skilled in the art of Cero and fires it from his mouth.

Bala Expert- He uses thhis many times in battle due to his physical abilities and combat expertise.

Enhanced Strength- He is extremly strong, probably even stronger than a Captain-Commander.


Ladrillo's Zanpakuto is called Avispón (lit. Hornet). It has a triangular guard and yellow/black handle. The release phrase is Picadura e Latir (lit. Sting and Detonate).

Ressurection- When releasing his Zanpakuto, Ladrillo gains a yellow bulk chest piece and a two missles on his back. He also gains two extremly large hornet wings, that are strong enough to lift Ladrillo.

Ressurection Abilities

Cohete Puntura (lit. Missle Stinger)- Ladrillo will fire the missiles off his back and kill the target.

Espirar Puntura (lit. Exhale Stinger)- Ladrillo will inhale spiritual energy and exhale a blast that will fire thousands of purple energy stings into the target sloweing them greatly.


  • He greatly resembles Yammy Rigalo, the Canon Decima Espada.

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