This article, Leogal Gallinilane, is property of 0 Espada.

Leogal Gallinilane
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Arrancar
Affiliation Tsuchiro Hitsugaya's only Fraccion
Previous Affiliation Gillians
Team Unknown Gillian colony
Occupation Fraccion
Previous Occupation(s) Gillian Colony leader


LEOGAL GALLINILANE is 0 Espada's Fraccion. He is the Gillian who was attacked and wounded by Ichigo Kurosaki and Uryu Ishida. His Resureccion, Glaciar, allows him to manipulate ice, which is helpful in his fight against Rukia. His body becomes completely cryogenically frozen in a big glacier, while his spirit leaks out in his Gillian form. He weilds a blade with no hilt. Naturally, it makes him bleed. Leogal's blood is like lava, what it touches disintegrates.

After Tsuchiro Hitsugaya was killed by the 10th Division captain, he allied himself with Rayanone Michihofo as a simple associate, until he killed Jiro-sama Fauxpas out of anger and was forced to run away to the Fantasma Bianca where again, he was a simple pawn, not nearly living up to his glory days under Hitsugaya.

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