An explosion ripped through the air. Gyoumaru had released and was now overwhelming the Third Espada, Halcón. The Second Espada who had fought with him, Diabound Kernel, had been killed a short moment ago. "Tch!" Halcon spat as he was forced back by another of Gyoumaru's attacks. Gyoumaru encased himself in ice and focused a cero on the sharp end of the ice prison surrounding him, "Hielo Flecha!" he declared, firing a small but powerful cero from the prism at Halcon.

Meanwhile, in Parvulo Rey's fight with Arranhaku, Parvulo too was losing ground. "This is insane. You can't even make me block." Arranhaku scoffed. "Now, how can I kill you painfully?" After a few moments he got serious, "Is this really it? Is this all to the first Espada's strength? If so I'll finish this now!" he declared, drawing his zanpakuto. "Crunch, Oscuro Craneo.." A blast engulfed the combatants. Once released, his appearance had changed. His hollow mask resembling more of a crown with curved horns coming out of it. He had mid to long straight hair, and a Hollow hole even larger than his previous one, decorated with markings stretching from the hole, around his chest, best described as two golden halos. He also had retractable claws on his fingertips and toes, small golden bands, one starting from his collarbone and stretching around his neck, and one each on his wrists and ankles, as well as seemingly white skin. He now wielded two energy spears instead of a sword. Parvulo looked, somewhat stunned, "He didn't change as much outwardly as most Arrancar do. But it would mean certain death if I were to underestimate him." he thought to himself. With one swipe, Arranhaku cut off Parvulo's left arm.

Finally Hide Yamatoro's shikai failed her and let off. Akujin was free! He used shunpo to appear above the conflict, laughing menacingly all the while. A cracking noise was heard and the spiked barrier Akujin had created shattered, releasing the remaining Gotei 13 and Espada. "So the Fourth Squad Captain finally saved the Society of Fools." Akujin mused. "A-ah-ah-Akujin!" Amatarou cried out, "It's over, it's all over!" she screamed falling into despair. "Wait!" came a disembodied voice, "You started a party...without us?" Akujin looked over, annoyed. The voice had come from Seireitou Kawahiru, and he was accompanied by ten other individuals. "It's time to rock." Seireitou declared....

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