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Kubosesshoudo ( lit. Hollow Killing Way ) is Kaito no Kageki 's unique brand of spells, specifically designed to counter Hollows. These spells do half their normal damage against Vizards, but none at all against Shinigami.

List of Kubosesshoudo

These are the spells he has created so far.

1. Purge

  • Effect: A blast of Reiryoku aimed at a Hollow's hole that could severely damage weaker Hollows.
  • Incantation: "Lord of the Heavens, repent and destroy your mindless creations ! Kubosesshoudo # 1, Purge !"
  • Creator: Emperor of Water

6. Angelic Star

  • Effect: A star shaped shield, that ricochets level ten-eight Cero back laterally.
  • Incantation: "Wither away, filthy beast, I return your sorrow from whence it came ! Kubosesshoudo # 6, Angelic Star!"
  • Creator: Emperor of Water

13. Eighteen Point Magnificence

  • Effect: Creates an eighteen-pointed disc. When thrown, it homes in on a Hollow and finally strikes it.
  • Incantation: "Follow the barbaric animal to the ends of the Earth! Kubosesshoudo # 13, Eighteen Point Magnificence!"
  • Creator: Emperor of Water

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