This is an official list of supernatural creatures created by the Bleach Fan Fiction Wikia userbase for community use. You are free to use any of the races listed below without requiring permission, but please demonstrate respect when using these resources as our users have worked hard to supply these articles for your use.


Please use the Template:SNC Project for all articles made for this project.

Project FAQ

Known Creatures

Note: Those that are listed as "in progress" can not be used by the community until they are labeled as "completed". In addition, those listed as "in progress" may mean either that the page in question has been reserved or the article in question is still under construction by the respective user. Please respect the waiting time for users still working on their articles as there is no deadline with the project species.

Supernatural Creatures List
Race Creator Status
KitsuneUser:Silver-Haired SeireitouCompleted
GwyllgiUser:Kenji HiroshiIn Progress
TenguUser:ShoshikiIn Progress
NurarihyonUser:EpzilonIn Progress
RokurokubiUser:Silver-Haired SeireitouCompleted
RaijūUser:Ash9876In Progress
BansheeUser:Xz791‎In Progress
InuhitoUser:EmperorSigma‎In Progress
PhantomsUser:JakCooperThePlumberIn Progress
OnryōUser:EmperorSigmaIn Progress
Inugami (Komainu)User:Silver-Haired SeireitouIn Progress
TōjūUser:ZetarionIn Progress
FaeliaUser:HibridragonIn Progress

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