Los Caballero de Sangre
The Blood Knights
Species Soberano
Affiliation Soberano
Team Soberano


The group Los Caballero de Sangre (lit.The Blood Knights) is a group formed to protect the Soberano Emperor at all cost. They are made up of seven powerful Soberano. Each Captain/Knight of the Squad may command a number of warriors from his squad. The Captain then is assigned to a district of the kingdom of Asgard, the First Knight automatically being stationed to the Capital which is Avalon.

Original Members

The knights are chosen by means of an examination, altough there may be some exeptions, like when the Emperor had chosen one Soberano to be a Knight, then automatically, he is, regardless of any complains. The names of the Squads are either taken from a plant or flower. The First Knight is known to be the most powerful and has the responsibility of guarding the Capital, the rest of the Knights are not arranged in any order, but like the First Knight, they are assigned to their own district.

Squad Knight Represents
1st Squad/Calendula(?)Squad Envy
2nd Squad/Rosa(Rose)Squad Claud Vieyera Pride
3rd Squad/Glicine(Wisteria)Squad Rayla Lust
4th Squad/Tulipano(Tulip)Squad Sloth
5th Squad/Aphelandra(?)Squad Khan Wrath
6th Squad/Mandragola(Mandrake)Squad Lucius Greed
7th Squad/Nymphaea(Lotus)Squad

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