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Los Cinco Dios (Lit. The 5 Gods) are the 5 Arrancar Leaders of the Eximo Espada. They are fiercely loyal to Término Muerte and serve him as their god. They release Término from his imprisionment and follow him in the War against the Shinigami.

List of Original Los Cinco Dios

These Arrancar are only relevant to Los Cinco Dios.

God: Término Muerte
Commander Espada: Urakih Ikasoruke
Commander Espada: Yurina Kamida
Arrancar Rank Name Fracción
Dios Primera (1th) Perentorio Vida Vacant
Dios Segunda (2nd) Limpia Corazo Vacant
Dios Tercera (3rd) Sangre Mar Vacant
Dios Cuarta (4th) Occupied (User:Ten Tailed Fox) Vacant
Dios Quinta (5th) Infierno Lumbre Vacant

Former Los Cinco Dios

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