Lucifer Elemigo is the Primero (First) of the Espada and therefore the most powerful.


Tall and handsome, Lucifer has messed up blond hair in his sealed form. Lucifer's number is tattooed on his teeth, so when he smiles his number is clear. His mask fragment covers his right eyebrow.

Powers and Abilities

Lucifer's zanpakuto has the power "Lampara" ('Light'). This gives him the power to manipulate light and create illusions.

His Zanpakuto's name is 'Seraph', and it's release command is "Blind." He is engulfed in a flash of light. Once emerged, Lucifer gains six wings and his hair lengthens down to his feet.

His most powerful attack is 'Solana', which vapourises everything in the surrounding area in a flash of light.

Lucifer is one of the fastest of the Espada.


Lucifer's last name is a combination of the Spanish words for 'the' ('el') and 'enemy' ('enemigo'), referring to how in Christianity Lucifer's other name 'Satan' was originally 'Ha Satan' meaning 'The Adversary'.

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