Mei Fǎ zi (lit. Demon Way) is a mythic form of magic, that is somewhat like Kido. It is based on solidifying Spirit Energy into their Zanpakuto and releasing it into a shape. There are two arts of Mei Fa zi, they are Zuì Xíng (lit. Offense) and Fáng Yù (lit. Defense).

Zuì Xíng

This is the type of Mei Fa zi, that surronds offense, and attacking.

1.(燃 球) Ranqiu (lit. Fire Sphere)- The user will condense a ball of fire on the tip of their blade and release it with a powerful toss.

2.(玄 金字塔) Xuán Jīn Zì Tǎ (lit. Black Pyramid)- The user will hold up their Zanpakuto and release a black spiritual mist. It will take shape aroud the user and target in the shape of a large black pyramid.

3.(輪 剸)Lún Tuán (lit. Rotating Slash)- The user will bleed out enourmous amounts of spiritual energy into their Zanpakuto and quickly move its tip. This will create a thin ciruclar energy formation that will be launced at high speeds.

4. (龙) Lán Lóng (lit. Blue Dragon)- The user will create a large dragon head out of spiritual energy that will fire multiple orbs at the targer.

5. (穿 縫針) Chuān Fèng Zhēn (lit. Piercing Needle)- By condensing together spirit particles, the user will create a ball of light above their head. By waving their sword forward, a steady barrage of needles flew out and strike at the target.

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