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The Malâme (French lit. Evil Soul; 魔雨/Maame, Japanese lit. Evil Spirit Rain) are beings that exist in Noire Terre.


The Malâme are a race of beings formed when the souls of sinners enter Hell and are forcibly sealed within decayed bodies known as Cadavres (French lit. corpses). The Cadavres are generic, not even possessing a gender, and the only distinguishing features between individual Malâme are the scars they have. When a soul is placed into a Cadavre, any and all reiryoku the soul may have had is eliminated (similar to Urahara's unique gigai except that the effect is instantaneous). An additional effect of the Cadavres is the prevention of the soul experiencing any extreme emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger etc. The only emotions a sealed Malâme can experience are mute ones such as depression, melancholy, bemusement, contentment etc. All of the Malâme retain their basic memories from the World of the Living but but have forgotten anything that identifies them as an individual, particularly their names. All of this, combined with the setting of Noire Terre (French lit. Black Land), is for the purpose of punishing the sinners by denying them the luxury of 'living', which they had previously abused while on Earth, and forcing them to merely exist.

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