Mateo is one of the Top 4 Espada and is one of the Ángeles (lit Angels)

"I dream of a world where peace and harmony do not exist."
— Mateo

Age Unknown
Birthdate Uknown
Height 6ft 6in
Weight Unknown
Gender Male
Species Arrancar
Affiliation Arrancar, Espada
Team Arrancar, Espada
Occupation Top 4 Espada, Ángeles


He is a dark skinned arrancar who has bloodshot eyes. He has a headband covering his eye and is sometimes seen carrying a large book.


From what is seen so far she is rather calm


Second Coming of Aizen Arc

He appears in the 16th chapter with the other Top 4 Espada also known as the Ángeles explaining the threat of the intruders to their master.

In The Philosophy of War he is seen with Emidio on Bone Hill. They had an argument about the concept of God. He then left to morn the loss of Pequeno.

Mateo reappears in the chapter Fade to Black Dust with his brothers Emidio and Manuel to aid the Espada Leader in bringing Aizen's body to the throne room.

Powers and Abilities

Immense Spiritual Power: Since she is one of the top 4 Espada its safe to say she posses a large ammount of spiritual energy.

Cero: Like all arrancar he can use Cero.

Bala: Like all arrancar he can use Bala.

Hiero: Since he is an arrancar he has Hiero

Sonido: Since he is an arrancar he can use Sonido



Resurrección: Unknown

Resurrección Special Ability: Unknown


  • Don't worry


  • He seems to be an athiest
  • His calm demeanor resembles the former 1st Espada Starrk


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