Menos Prematuro (lit. Minus Premature) is what a Menos Grande becomes when disrupted during their evolution to Adjuchas. They resemble Adjuchas but are premature and generally weaker.


When a Hollow is disrupted during its change from Gillian to Adjuchas, they morph into a demented figure of their former selves. They are ususally shaped as insects and lizards. They have a mask, usually with a chip in it. These masks are what their form as an Adjuchas look like.


Due to their premature nature, when in this state they have no mind. They simply kill, kill, and kill keeping their goal to evolve. Though they will not, they kill without mercy and simply devour their targets. There is not one known sane Menos Prematuro.


Cero- They produce a Cero weaker than that of a Demi-Hollow, however it does sting.

Enhanced Strength- Some have been reported to have enourmous strength.

Known Menos Prematuro

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