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The Mente Falciatore (lit. Spirit Reapers) are a race of Spiritually aware humans who have mastered their own abilities, unlike Shingami, Hollow, and Quincy.

Abilities of Mente Falciatore

Standard Abilities

Interno Energia- The energy that Mente can release. It is similar to a Cero, except it always maintains a white color. It can be fired in different physical shapes, sphere, beam, sword, etc.

Agile Piede- The archetype to Flash Step. Agile Piede lets the user move faster, walk in air, and increases jumping capabilities.

Acciaio Lavorare- The skill common amongst most Falciatore. It is standard swordsmanship, with a little extra movment and quick strikes to vitals.

Mente Ingegnere- This lets the Mente control their Spirit Energy. The stronger they are the more control they have.

Advanced Abilities

Vigente Tomba- The user will cast a box of light around the target that cuts of any Spiritual Energy.

Oscuritarte- Somewhat of a variation of Kido, Oscuritarte can be used to create either destruction or protection.

Grande Accesi- An ancient and powerful attack, based on releasing strong light onto the target.

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