Miles De Hoja (Lit. Thousands Blade) is the Zanpakuto of Sadow Yatsumaru. It takes the form of a regular Katana in it's unreleased state. It has a Blue Hilt and an X shaped Guard. It's Sheathe is also blue.

Shikai- In it's Shikai state, Miles De Hoja gains unnatural speed of that of a Captain. It becomes a pair of Broadswords with blue hilts similar to it's Unreleased state. At the end of the Hilt is a chain connecting it to Gauntlets on Sadow's wrists, which are also a part of his Shikai. He can then use Miles De Hoja as a pair of bladed Whips that can cut through virtually anything in it's path.

Bankai- In it's Bankai form, the Broadswords, Chains, and Gauntlets detach and fly into the air, becoming several Miles De Hoja's. Then those multiply into thousands that Sadow can direct with his hand. These are nearly impossible to escape from not only because there are so many but because they can also tear and cut through nearly anything in it's path. Sadow usually doesn't use this form unless necessary, but unusually makes an exception with his fight with Toshiro, Ukitake, and Matsumoto.

Abilities- Speed: Extreme speed that can hold off Captains even in unreleased form.

Strength: Miles De Hoja can cut through debris as if it were butter, treating any attempt at blocking him off from the opponent (or using any environmental advantage whatsoever) would be pointless.

Accuracy- For all it's speed and strength, Miles De Hoja is pretty accurate. Sadow is able to make precise shots at certain debris during his fight with the two Captains and Matsumoto, while using his Shikai Chain-Whip move.

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