Mitsuko Yuuyou is captain of the 4th Division.

Mitsuko Yuuyou
Age 350



Mitsuko has blue hair.


Mitsuko has a great deal of compassion, which makes her suited for the 4th Division. She has a dislike of fighting, and has never shed a drop of blood. However, she is willing to protect people, provided that no blood is shed.


Mitsuko gained her position by being recommended.

Powers and Abilities

Mitsuko is an excellent healer. She is also capable of the best blocks and defence than any other shinigami.

Mitsuko's Zanpakuto is called Mitsukai (Lit. 'Angel'). It's shikai release is "heal", after which the blade glows. Instead of inflicting damage, the sword heals wounds it makes contact with. In bankai form, Mitsukai, true to its name, transforms into an angel, with greater healing range and the ability to create barriers.

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