Name Mizuchi
Kanji 水父
Romaji Mizuchi
Race Zanpakutō spirit
Birthday May 24
Gender Male
Height 12'0"?
Weight Unknown
Eyes Brown
Hair Teal
Blood Type
Professional Status
Affiliation None
Previous Affiliation
Occupation Rogue zanpakutō
Previous Occupation
Team None
Previous Team
Partner None
Previous Partner Michiko Itō
Base of Operations World of the Living
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Education Self-taught
Status Active
Shikai Mizuchi
Bankai Unknown

Mizuchi (水父; lit. "water father") was the zanpakutō of Michiko Itō, a member of the Kidō Corps. Its shikai release greatly resembles a serpentine dragon and can be used by Michiko for transportation as well as combat. Mizuchi is nimble and intelligent, though it does not seem to be capable of speech. It grew rampant after a life-threatening encounter with a hollow, causing the Central 46 Chambers to issue a kill-on-sight order for it.

Power and abilities

Enhanced agility: As a spirit, Mizuchi has surprising agility and reflexes without the need for an equivalent of flash stepping.

Enhanced strength: Mizuchi has shown the capability of blasting through concrete buildings without the help of others, as well as maw and rip apart hollows with his claws and fangs.

Enhanced durability: Though without a zanpakutō, Mizuchi's skin is capable of enduring most blows.

Behind the scenes

Mizuchi is a river god and deity in Japanese mythology. The characters originate from a Man'yōgana transcription, having been written as such only once in surviving records of a folk tale.

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