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Mizuhana Human
English Translation Water Flower
User Suki Yamamura
Shikai Abilities control of water and ice
Shikai Mizuhana
Shikai meaning Water Flower
Bankai Abilities
Bankai not yet revealed
Bankai meaning

Mizuhana is a character of the Bleach Fanon Series and Suki Yamamura's Zanpakuto Spirit manifested in human form.

Character Outline

Mizuhana is generally calm, tranquil and compassionate. She get's along with her master exceptionally well, and is able to appear in the real world almost anytime she pleases. When needed to, she helps her master train and tries to help Kyashi and Sachi get along as much as Suki does.

Power's and Abilities

Similar to Zanpakuto Spirits manifested by Muramasa, Mizuhana can activate Shikai and Bankai.

Shikai: It is activated by the command Bloom.

Shikai Abilities: Mizuhana's Shikai has the ability to control water. It can use either water from the atmosphere, water from an abundant source (i.e. a lake or an ocean), or an opponents own attacking water. It's blade is also made of water hardened with spiritual pressure, and reforms when broken.

Suishōha: (水衝波 Water Shockwave) Mizuhana creates a gigantic wave of water that she fire's at the enemy and when it collides it can crush bones with enough power.

Hahonryū: (破奔流 Tearing Torrent) Mizuhana's quickest attack around. It creates a vortex of water that is then fired with the speed of a Bala at her opponent.

Ja no Kuchi: (ヘビは言う Snake's Mouth) Mizuhana creates a snake of water that is controlled by her mind and functions similarly to Hyorinmaru, only it doesn't freeze the opponent, it drowns them.

  • Bankai: Not yet revealed.

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