e Mizukami
Name Aoife Mizukami
Romaji Mizukami Epia
Kanji 水神 えぴあ
Race Human
Birthday September 29
Gender Female
Height 4'5"
Eye color Black
Hair Waist-length, black
Martial Status In a relationship with Akira Matsumoto

Daishi Mizukami (Twin brother)

Unnamed Father(descended)\

Unnamed Mother

Education 1st year-High School
Status Active

This page is dedicated to the fictional character, Mizukami Aoife.


Aoife is short, has waist length, black hair, and has black eyes covered in blue-rimmed glasses. She usually wears whatever she feels like, the moment she picks out her clothes. The usual colors are black, white, or blue.


Aoife is typically shy when facing new people or places. In these situations, she prefers to stay in the background and study her surroundings until she feels comfortable again. Because of this, she is not one to trust easily, and most people assume her to be either "stuck-up" or incredibly cute. Although, she does have a bit of a split personality. When any part of her is threatened, she turns sarcastic and automatically turns on everyone and everything. This was triggered by people constantly teasing her for her unnatural hair color and shy personality. In high school, she uses it to defend herself, because it's stuns people, causing a few people to actually be afraid of her.


The only things that really bother Aoife are her unnaturaly high ammount of fears which include(but are not limited to), heights, new people and places, being screamed or shouted at, and the dark in certain conditions. She's very aware of every single flaw she has, and is constantly trying to improve herself. Ironically, this is a flaw in itself because she is constantly critisizing herself and lowering her own self esteem. Aoife also tries to avoid confrontation with others, which sometimes leads others to believe that she is a push-over. It is at these times when her firey, sarcastic personality shows itself, but it never stays for more than a minute.


One of Aoife's best attributes is drawing and painting. It is a skill that she believes was passed down from her Father. It can't be confirmed though, because her Father is beleived to have died shortly shortly before Aoife was born.

Role in BLEACH Storyline

Aoife's role in the storyline of BLEACH is yet to be revealed. For now, she is a normal highschool student. Aoife dreams of becoming a mangaka and has already begun working on the storyline of her first manga.


  • Loves to draw and write
  • Is working on her first short--story manga
  • Dating Matsumoto, Akira, a freshman in college
  • Her favorite anime is BLEACH
  • Her favorite anime characters are Kuchiki Byakuya, Hitsugaya, Urahara, and Yoruichi.
  • She is OWNED by OBATJR (So don't even think of stealing her!!).

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