Mizukeibou-"The graceful conductor of water. "


Mizukeibou (literally Water Baton) is a zanpakuto with the ability to control water.

Appearance - In its sealed state Mizukeibou is a katana. the handle is blue and it has no hand guard


The release phrase for mizukeibou is "Conduct". Ice will seep out from under the handles cloth and form the hand guard of a rapier. The blade will also change to that of a rapier.

Abilities- Upon the release of Mizukeibou storm clouds will form overhead and it will begin to rain very harshly.

Dendou- (Lit. Conduction) the user will be able to control the water around them by moving the sword as if they were conducting an orchestra. This ability can be used to make mighty waves or powerful torrents of water.

Amadangan- (Lit. Water Bullet) the rain drops in the imediate vacinity of the user will freeze and shoot foward. Any rain that the allready forzen drops come in contact with will freeze to it increasing the bullets size and destructive capabilities.

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