English Translation Spirit/Monster (rough translation)
User Severino Corbusier (current)
Shikai Abilities Nature snare
Shikai Unknown
Shikai meaning Unknown
Bankai Abilities Unknown
Bankai Unknown
Bankai meaning Unknown

Mononoke (もののけ; roughly meaning "spirit" or "monster") is the zanpakuto used by the arrancar Severino Corbusier in the Second Coming of Aizen Arc. It was originally wielded by a shinigami, but the original wielder's current status is unknown; it is assumed that the shinigami is either indefinitely incapacitated or deceased.

The zanpakuto spirit's form can be seen in the infobox.


Although an incantation is required to release shikai, Severino is capable of forcing the release open on his own whim, due to his own special ability as an arrancar. This ability allows the user to snare an opponent in unnatural vines, effectively impairing movement and making the victim completely vulnerable to further assault. This snare can be extended to multiple targets, though its strength upon a single victim weakens with the more targets trapped within the technique.

Behind the scenes

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