Morgana Lilit is the 5th espada.


Morgana is a tall, beautiful woman with long black hair. Her mask fragment covers her left cheek. Her number is tatooed on her right breast.


Before becoming an arrancar, Morgana was a teethed, owl-like adjucha. Unlike most cannibalistic hollows, who devour their entire victim, Morgana preferred to suck them of their spiritual energy, leaving them as husks. She is one of the earliest arrancar.


Morgana detests the use of swords in battle, seeing them as barbaric. Instead she prefers to rely solely on her cero, and as such, has a much more developed use of it compared to other hollow.

Powers and Abilities

Morgana can create a barrier to deflect any attack.

When she does withdraw her sword, it's only ever to release her Ressurecion, with the cry of "Shriek, Chillarbuho!" ('Screech Owl'). After the release, she loses her uniform, increases in size, gains a pair of brown wings, her feet become bird-like, and she gains fangs. In this form, Morgana can emit an ear-piercing scream that can disable nearby opponents. She can also concentrate this into a sonic blast that can damage her opponent. Once unable to move, she'll pin the victim down with her talons and use her fangs to drain them of their life-force and reiatsu. She calls this ability 'Delicia' (Lust), and when using it she encases her victim in her wings so that no one can help.


Morgana is named after two separate figures in folklore and mythology. One is Morgana or Morgan Le Fey, the enemy of Merlin. The other is Lilith, who according to Jewish folklore was Adam's first wife and in Mesopotamian mythology was a terrifying night goddess. Many view her as the first vampire. She has also been associated with the screech owl. Morgana derives characteristics from both these characters. Much of her ressurecion form is inspired by a mesopotamian sculpture of Lilith.

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